Persistent and hardworking, Jacque Foreman is proud of her continued success at the head of Foreman Graphics. She founded the graphic design company in 1972 after realizing her knack for typesetting, and has steadily built her expertise in pen and ink renderings, logos, graphic art, business stationary, and brochures and fliers, among other products. Ms. Foreman also offers copywriting and editing services and print advertising for publications, newspapers, magazines, and directories. She has intentionally remained the only person at the company to ensure that clients are always “talking to the person who does the work.”

When Ms. Foreman has free time, she is very active in her community. She has been a member of the Crescenta Valley Chapter of BNI since 1996, and the Altadena Chapter of the Rotary Club since 1997. Her responsibilities with the latter include serving as the editor of their award-winning weekly newsletter, as the webmaster of their award-winning website, and as the remembrance person, making her in charge of sending birthday and anniversary cards to members. Ms. Foreman also lends her time to Christmas Tree Lane, a mile long and containing approximately 100 trees, every year. She creates all of the banners, street signs, and programs for the community endeavor, and is part of the crew that both puts up and takes down all of the Christmas lights. In the past, she was involved as a member of the Altadena Chamber of Commerce.

​To prepare for her endeavors, Ms. Foreman earned a Bachelor of Art in English from California State University in 1963 and completed coursework at Pasadena City College between 1974 and 1978. She then garnered experience as a publisher with the Carnation Company and as the production editor of Tri-City Business. She attributes her achievements to her ability to change with the times.

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