Largely inspired by her parents, who were both physicians, Jenny Glusker was always interested in the science field. Drawn to chemistry, she chose to follow the medical career. In 1953, Dr. Glusker earned a Bachelor of Arts in chemistry from Oxford University. She also earned a Master of Arts and Doctorate of Philosophy from the university in 1957. Remaining committed to education throughout her life; Dr. Glusker earned an honorary Doctor of Science in 1985 from the College of Wooster.

Now retired, Dr. Glusker spent many years teaching and researching. She moved to the United States after marrying her husband and together they advised the Institute for Cancer Research in Philadelphia (now known as the Fox Chase Cancer Center). In 1980, Dr. Glusker began teaching biochemistry and biophysics at the University of Pennsylvania. She became a professor emeritus in 2014.

Her research at the Institute for Cancer Research lead to a better understanding of the three-dimensional operation of the enzymes associated with the small molecules involved in the citric acid cycle.

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