June CrowResponsible for all the financial management of the organization, June Crow has served as the chief financial officer of Boys & Girls Clubs of the Mississippi Delta since 2014, previously serving the organization as program director from 2006 to 2014. In her current role, her area of expertise is being able to see the whole picture of what they are trying to do. She takes the whole prospective of why they are doing what they are doing, and makes sure they have the money and the best resources for the kids. She strives to be a good manager by utilizing resources properly and being able to do a lot with a little. Ms. Crow handles the grants that they receive and prepares budgets, reporting funds to donors/grantors as far as how the money is spent. She makes sure that she proves they are using the money appropriately.

The region Ms. Crow lives in is a very poor region, where children don’t have a lot of advantages that they would have if they lived in a larger city. Just having people educate people about what they do is their biggest challenge. People think that the club is a daycare, but they are not; they take care of the children after school, but they are way more than a daycare. They provide services in character building and leadership, the arts, physical education, and education itself, as well as healthy life skills, trying to teach children how to pick the right foods to eat. Ms. Crow’s favorite part of her profession is going to the club and having the kids come up to her, smiling and glad to see her. Seeing that the kids are becoming good leaders by getting good grades is very fulfilling.

Prior to this role, Ms. Crow was a bookkeeper at her local pharmacy and held her own private CPA practice. Her oldest daughter had gone to work for the organization and they were going through some difficult times, and she asked if she could come help her get the books taken care of and take control of it. Ms. Crow has worn many hats throughout her journey, earning titles such as director of operations, grant manager, and CEO. She has stepped in wherever it was needed to make sure things happened and were provided for.

A life member of the Junior Auxiliary, Ms. Crow has served as a board member for Martha Coco Green Houses and her local Chamber of Commerce. She attributes her success to God for giving her the desire to have a service-oriented heart. She sees the need the children have, and has always had a desire to help children. What differentiates Ms. Crow from others in her field is that she works really hard; they all have the same goals, and want to make sure they are part of some greatness and are productive citizens, ensuring that the club stays open.

In recognition of her accomplishments, Ms. Crow was awarded the club’s National Professional Service Award in 2011 and National Service to Youth Award in 2015. Two years later, she was named Mississippi Professional of the Year. In 2018, she was honored at the BGCA National Conference in San Diego, and was given the southeast region’s Recognition Award for Administrative Staff of the Year for enhancing the profession of the Boys and Girls Clubs’ work through dedication, leadership and vision.

What inspired or motivated Ms. Crow along her professional journey was the desire to learn more, help more, and grow more. She made sure her children achieved what they wanted to achieve without the struggles that she endured. She wanted her children to have an easier life, and she thinks that she has achieved that. Her younger son is a banker, and her other daughter is on her own, doing her own thing while still achieving in this world. Ms. Crow’s goals moving forward are working for another four or five years and then retiring. She feels she has grown in her awareness of how and what other people go through on a daily basis. She knows how she can help them with their situations, and has more empathy for people.

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