After receiving a Bachelor of Arts from the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University and a Master of Fine Arts from Yale Drama School, Lani Click, MFA, created an original survey, which was later transformed into an article called “The Playwriting Student: A Threatened Species,” published by the Yale Alumni Magazine. She worked as a playwright for many years, and taught on the faculty of University of Connecticut and Hampshire College, as well as the Community College of Baltimore County, where she produced a traveling vaudeville show starring senior citizens. Decades later, she established Palm Beach Purses in south Florida, where she excels as a designer. While living in south Florida, she has delighted in the easy access to vast tropical beauty and amazing landscapes, which inspire her daily. In recent years, Ms. Click has searched for ways to promote ocean conservation through her work with the company.

From playwriting, Ms. Click has learned when she used to have her drama classes at Yale, the drama teacher would say, “Playwriting is best learned in the process of production.” One could write a play and say it looks great, but in order to know to if it worked, you have to try it out. Ms. Click is always open for additional exposure, but she would not know until she actually tries it out.

Ms. Click became involved in her profession since she was living in south Florida and the tropical beauty of the landscape there has been overwhelmingly fantastic for the most part. It influences in everybody a sense of color, design, and outlook, which would be great to use it and walk around with as opposed to just seeing it. She then became interested in fabrics and color with the clothing in Florida that she sees is different, as people live in bathing suits and flip flops depending on the time of day. She was intrigued by fabrics having a message and has been doing this for 17 years. The last couple of years, they have been finding ways in promoting help for the oceans that save lives. People of all ages are for the idea in the conservation of the oceans. Ms. Click just felt they needed to have more than just wearing a shirt or for it to have high distance, especially for younger people who like to have causes. They become influencers if they carry any of her products that help save the oceans. She loves dialogue, playing with it and putting people on a page. She likes taking it somewhere and seeing it grow.

In conjunction with her work with Palm Beach Purses, Ms. Click serves as the president of Clicking In. Through the organization, she focuses on thought leadership and the exchange of ideas by way of several forums throughout Palm Beach County, Florida. Every season, they provide lectures on entrepreneurship, leadership, the sciences and the arts. Ms. Click aims to explore current issues and events, while providing a platform for industry experts around the world that have a connection to the south Florida area.

Outside of her work, Ms. Click remains as a former member of the National Society of Arts & Letters, the Palm Beach Writers Group and the Yale Club of the Palm Beaches, where she has served as the vice president since 1987. A champion of her community, she has served as a playwright in residence at First Congregational Church in Holyoke, Massachusetts, and as a script reader for the Arena Stage in Washington, DC. Two of her plays were produced there, one at Smithsonian Institute and another at Georgetown University. Throughout the course of her career, she has received numerous awards for her professional body of work including several awards for plays she has written, the Best Nonprofit Organization Award and the Best of Jupiter Award in the Nonprofit Category through the Jupiter Awards Program in 2019 and 2020, respectively. Though she has experienced numerous professional highlights, she is most proud of her two sons Kenneth Randall, who works for an international bank, and Adam Elliott, who works for Google in Singapore, as well as her loving husband David Forrest Click. In the near future, Ms. Click intends to remain open to new opportunities.

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