Nancy RegalmutoNancy M. Regalmuto credits God with bestowing extraordinary spiritual gifts upon her at birth. At age 7, she started realizing how uncommon her abilities were. Arriving at school on the morning of November 22, 1963, she began urging her teacher to take action to prevent the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Sensing a vast conspiracy, Ms. Regalmuto couldn’t understand why others weren’t aware of it. Her impassioned pleas became so disruptive that she was sent to the principal’s office and her mother was called to pick her up immediately. Later that day, the school received word that Kennedy had been killed in Dallas.

Premonitions continued throughout Ms. Regalmuto’s life. She has accurately predicted the outcomes of innumerable sporting events and other world events such as 9/11.

Remarkable as Ms. Regalmuto’s premonitions are, they are only a part of her prodigious gift. Her ability to spiritually diagnose health conditions in people and animals is astonishing. In one case, a woman came for a routine “health checkup.” Ms. Regalmuto informed the woman that she saw cancer developing in the woman’s ovaries. The woman asserted that she just had a complete gynecological checkup, including a sonogram, which all proved negative. However, Ms. Regalmuto persisted by imploring the woman to go back to her doctor as she was certain cancer had been missed. Months later, the woman contacted Ms. Regalmuto. It turns out her doctor found cancer exactly where Ms. Regalmuto said it was. Now, the woman’s surgeon wanted to know if Ms. Regalmuto felt it had metastasized before he operated.

Ms. Regalmuto is considered to be the most broad-scoped and accurate “seer” in the world, working in-person and long-distance. She has customized nutritional vitamin supplements tailored for her animal and human clientele (including professional athletes) through her company, Synergy. She has used herbs, aromatherapy, homeopathy, gem/ flower elixirs, magnetics, diet, hypnosis, radionics, harmonics and so on in her practice. However, spiritual healing is perhaps her most significant gift. Ms. Regalmuto enters spiritual dimensions that few are able to, enabling her to restore people and animals emotionally and physically to full health. These abilities are truly astounding and miraculous.

Ms. Regalmuto has also worked with domestic and international legal authorities. From gleaning spiritual insight on the pyramids of Egypt to working with some of the world’s largest corporations, offering financial and business advice, her gifts are boundless. In the business world, she has consulted on hiring and firing, exposed theft and embezzlement, selected optimum business locations, and has devised marketing and advertising strategies for new products. Ms. Regalmuto also consults with individuals on relationships, substance abuse, career counseling, finances and many other areas of need.

Ms. Regalmuto’s work in the horse racing industry is legendary, diagnosing health conditions for some of the top equine athletes in the world. She also advises on best training methods, equipment selection, shoeing, breeding, horse selection for purchasers and solves behavioral problems. She creates a synergistic program to ensure peak equine performance. Ms. Regalmuto has also worked on many wild and domestic animals, doing the same, and communicating telepathically with all species.

Remarkable as her gifts are, perhaps Ms. Regalmuto’s most outstanding qualities are her character, compassion, patience, understanding and humility. She takes no credit for her gifts. Ms. Regalmuto acknowledges that it is God who has given her these gifts, and it is He who works through her to heal, to aid and to comfort.

In light of her exceptional achievements, Ms. Regalmuto is recognized by the International Platform Association, listed among the Top 100 Radio Interviewees, and recognized by the American Biological Institute as Woman of the Year for 1992 and among the 2000 Notable American Women. She has also been recognized as one of the 2000 Most Notable People of the 21st Century, among numerous other acknowledgments. Ms. Regalmuto was the guest speaker at the Mind/ Science Foundation, the Learning Annex, the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association, the New Life Expo and other distinguished organizations. She has also done many seminars and lectures regarding her work.

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  1. I have been blessed to know and have had healings and counseling with Nancy and it was more than anything I’ve ever had with traditional therapy, it opened me up to God and myself …. she is a lovely human being

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