Nelleke NixNelleke Nix, a brilliant mixed media and printmaking artist with more than 60 years of inimitable experience, has presided over the NN Gallery in Seattle since 1970 as its director. Maintaining two studios since relocating to the U.S. from her native Holland in 1968, her success has afforded her the opportunity to serve as an artist-in-residence at the Lennox School in New York and the Jefferson Community Court in Seattle. She has likewise been commissioned in the U.S. in Seattle, New York and New Mexico, and abroad in the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Papua New Guinea and Egypt. Ms. Nix also taught and headed the Art Department at the Bush School, an all-girls’ school in Seattle, enjoyed teaching various summer art classes to children in Staten Island, New York, and has earned renown as a writer.

Leveraging her expertise, Ms. Nix has served as a guest curator for a Holland-U.S.A. Bicentennial Show at the University of Washington, a project director for Women in Art Today in Washington and as a board director of Soho 20 Artists Galleries in New York. She also established an art gallery that solely displayed art created by women and founded the Women’s Caucus for Art Seattle. Moreover, Ms. Nix has garnered a laudable reputation as a national advocate of the board of directors of the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington since 1996 and a member of the steering committee of the feminist council of the Brooklyn Museum since 2011.

Ms. Nix’s artwork has been featured in countless one-woman shows at galleries throughout Washington, Seattle, Arizona and New York, and abroad in Holland, China and Russia. Her work has also been on display in dozens of group shows both nationally and internationally, including at the Collins General Central Library in Portland, Oregon, in 2002 and the Solo Ashes Empire of Berlin, Mann Museum, in 2009. Furthermore, Ms. Nix has enjoyed having her work exhibited in various public collections at such locations as the Bank of South America, the Victoria and Albert Museum of London, and the Rhode Island Museum of the Holocaust.

In more recent years, Ms. Nix was featured with an installation of her work, “Hops,” at the SoHo20 Gallery in 2010. A second installation, “Hungry Eyes,” was later included at the gallery in 2013. Among other exhibitions, Ms. Nix was also featured at the Historic Museum in Staten Island in 2012, which was titled as “The Dogs of the Titanic.”

The author of many artist’s books, Ms. Nix notably published “1940-1945 Remembered: An Artist’s Book” in 1991. Other books to her credit include “Step Inside the Sacred Circle,” “Tsoek: Earthly Writings by a Fourpaw,” “Cicada, the Brood of 1996,” and “Zones of Time, Sand and Rain.” Ms. Nix also edited and published “A Girl and Her Cat as a Matter of Fact.”

As a respected member of her community, Ms. Nix served on the board of directors of the Wing Luke Museum in Seattle and was the vice president of the Denny Regrade Community Council. She was also a member of the City of Seattle Planning Commission. Affiliated with several organizations in support of her career, Ms. Nix is a member of SoHo20, the Women in Arts of New York and the National Artist Equity Association, and the co-founder of the Denny Regrade Arts Council. Furthermore, she is a member of the National Museum of Women in the Arts, where she served as a founding member, library fellow and chairperson of the Washington state committee. Likewise, she has remained involved as a member of the national advocate board since 1993.

Ms. Nix attained a Master of Fine Arts at the Royal College for the Visual Arts in The Hague, Netherlands, in 1958 and completed several summer courses at the Beaux Arts in Paris. She later completed extension credits at the University of Washington in Seattle and earned a certificate degree in advanced publishing at Stanford University in California. Well regarded throughout her field, Ms. Nix received a Wall Hanging Award from the City of Edmonds, Washington, in 1974, as well as several Merit, Silver and Gold Medal, and First Place Awards for her artwork. A celebrated Marquis listee, she has been showcased in over 30 editions of Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in the West and Who’s Who in the World.

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