Peggy EdwardsWith many years of professional experience in bilingual education and immigration services, Peggy P. Edwards serves as the founder and the president of the Publishing Club of Laguna Woods, which was established in 2013. Over the years, she has authored a number of books regarding English and Spanish education, including “Alfabeto Crossover Alphabet” and “Lalalandia.” Additionally, through the aforementioned publishing company, she has released five editions of “Village Stories,” an anthology of stories, memoirs and poems written by members of the Village Publishing Club. As a child, Ms. Edwards taught English to a friend, which inspired her love of teaching and, as such, the entirety of her career.

Prior to her tenure with the Publishing Club of Laguna Woods, Ms. Edwards gained valuable expertise in immigration services as the chief executive officer of the American Immigrant Foundation, where she worked between the late 1980s and 2000, and as an immigration counselor for Catholic Charities. Earlier in her career, she provided her expertise to others as a saleswoman and translator in Dallas, a Spanish instructor through the University of Wisconsin Center System and a stewardess with Braniff Airlines.

Even though her career has been filled with highlights, Ms. Edwards is especially proud of assisting nearly 2,000 immigrants in becoming legal residents and citizens. She attributes her success to her bilingual abilities and being a polyglot. She believes it is essential for people to learn at least another language in their lifetime; English should not be the only language that a person speaks. Her passion for writing derives from her experience of teaching a preschool class, where she would often participate in a storytelling time with the students.

At just a tender age of 10 years, Ms. Edwards lost her mother Dorothy, tragically, on Mother’s Day. Her mother was an aspiring actress who attended Stanford University, but was later kicked out. While engaged to a man who later became her father, Dorothy endured emotions from her parents – particularly her father – who was disappointed that she was no longer attending the institution. Unfortunately, Ms. Edwards’ mother took her own life, which impacted her significantly. Today, she acknowledges her childhood traumas and how they shaped her into the person that she is. Her son constantly reminds her that she is a wonderful mother, and admired how she is able to take negative events that occurred in her life and turn them into something positive.

An expert in her field, Ms. Edwards earned a Bachelor of Arts in Latin American affairs from Southern Methodist University in 1966. Subsequently, she graduated with a Master of Arts in Spanish literature from the University of Wisconsin in 1971. In the coming years, she intends to continue contributing to and publishing new editions of “Village Stories” while writing a memoir. A ukulele and banjo player, Ms. Edwards also aims to foster her love of music by performing with bands.

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