Sheena HaberstrohOriginally, Sheena M. Haberstroh intended to pursue a career in medicine. However, she had to work her way through higher education. While working with Citibank, she fell in love with business, which altered her career trajectory. As an MIS specialist, Ms. Haberstroh has gained valuable expertise in project management, business monitoring and scheduling by preparing documentation, analyzing practices and providing strategy for the department to ensure they pass audits, validating cost codes for employees and preparing a variety of presentations for others at the bank.

Backed by nearly two decades of considerable expertise, Ms. Haberstroh currently excels as a level four business analyst with Fannie Mae. Since 2010, she has designed and managed SharePoint sites, page layouts and workable lists for daily use within the teams that she manages. Likewise, she has maintained and assisted in the development of databases for reporting automation, and collaborated with several technical teams for production support. She believes she has a natural knack for problem solving, as she often stumbles upon errors in the database and corrects it with ease – something she is particularly proud of. In her exemplary work with Fannie Mae, Ms. Haberstroh has been honored with the We Can Be Counted on Award, as well as a Diversity in Inclusion Award. Likewise, she has been the recipient of two Quality Excellence Awards, as well as a Community Award from Citibank.

An expert in her field, Ms. Haberstroh earned a Bachelor of Arts in business, education and speech pathology from the University of North Texas in 2005. Devoted to her community, she contributes for those in need through Hearts & Hammers, which assists local, low income homeowners in preserving the exterior of their homes, and the March of Dimes. A member of the organization Women in Business, Ms. Haberstroh also maintains affiliation with Women in Technology.

Ms. Haberstroh attributes her success to having a great eye for detail and noticing where there are gaps or needs for improvement. She also notes her continued drive and motivation to the passing of her husband Robert after a 13-year fight with cancer, and having to raise their three young children. As she navigates through life while raising her children without her husband, Ms. Haberstroh continuously ensures that they are happy, healthy and promises to keep them at the forefront of all of her decisions. She has a great deal of support around her, but she is highly driven and constantly inspired by Robert.

In the coming years, Ms. Haberstroh intends to continue advancing in the industry and obtain a role in the technology space. Ultimately, she aims to switch toward individually geared positions so that she can help people directly. For those looking to pursue a similar career path as Ms. Haberstroh’s, she advises individuals to keep moving forward no matter the setbacks, remain willing to participate in training opportunities and being open to exploring routes of receiving information, whether it is through studying or taking a course on a subject. Additionally, she believes knowing your audience is key to a successful profession and networking is crucial to developing longstanding relationships with potential clientele.

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