With a natural affinity for sales and meeting new people, Tabitha Kucharczyk is uniquely qualified for her work as a real estate agent. In 2015, she accepted a position with Keller Williams Realty, with which she currently excels as the head of an eponymous team of agents. In this capacity, she focuses on real estate sales, specifically dealing with the listings that others will not. Prior to her present post, Ms. Kucharczyk gained valuable expertise in the field as a broker and realtor with ERA Real Estate, as well as the lead coordinator assistant for Tropical Realty & Investments of Brevard Inc.

Earlier in her career, Ms. Kucharczyk served as a real estate advertising sales executive for Florida Today Communications. In a career filled with highlights, she is especially proud of her dealings with military families. Additionally, Ms. Kucharczyk has been honored on a plethora of occasions for her dedication and professional excellence, accepting the Sales Executive of the Year Award in 2006, the Top Producing Individual Agent Award in 2018 and 2019, the USAA Top Agent for Going Above and Beyond, a Customer Service Award and recognition among Fayetteville’s 40 Under 40 Most Influential People.

An expert in her field, Ms. Kucharczyk earned a Bachelor of Science in advertising from the University of Illinois in 2004. Outside of her primary responsibilities as a realtor, she contributes to her community through her husband’s military unit, where she is active as an FRG leader, treasurer and battalion secretary. As a proud army wife and mother of three, Ms. Kucharczyk connects well with others who face the odd hours and demands of the military. She values families and all that they go through in finding the best schools and other resources that they all need to make their lives happy and reproductive. She is very thorough in all that she does, and her dedication and passion always shines through.

Ms. Kucharczyk has further flourished as a public relations chairperson for Adopt-a-School, and as a coach for her children’s soccer and tee-ball teams. In previous years, she was affiliated with the Sigma Kappa Sorority, the Heart of North Carolina, Food Harvest Bank, and the local chapters for Habitat for Humanity and the Ronald McDonald House. Through her community Ms. Kucharczyk was presented with the Iron Mike Award and the Molly Pitcher Award. Along with her family, she was also nominated as one of the Top Five Families of the Year in 2020.

There are several factors that have played a role in Ms. Kucharczyk’s success. Her upbringing, being a child that moved around often, shaped her into a well-rounded person who is updatable in most circumstances. Additionally, she prides herself on being a hard worker and a person who didn’t take “no” as an answer. A mentor or influential person her life was a family member by the name of Ricky, who served a role model to her. He cared for Ms. Kucharcyzk while her mother was away at work, and instilled caring and understanding values in her early on. In the future, she hopes her legacy is reflective of her impeccable customer service, and that she is recognized as person who was selfless and helpful in all situations.

In the coming years, Ms. Kucharczyk would like to see her team continue to grow and develop. Additionally, she would like to have more buyers and agents working directly under her. Ultimately, her goal would to take a step back from the hands on work of showing homes and listing homes, and act more as the chief executive officer by delegating and overseeing the business. In doing so, it should allow Ms. Kucharczyk more quality family and travel time.

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