Listee Features — June 28, 2017


Armed with a strong reputation and a longstanding career, Teryl Townsend-Viner is a firm believer of following dreams, no matter what the hope of financial success may be. She started out as a physics and math major while taking art lessons as a hobby. Discovering that painting was her real passion, she decided to refocus her career solely on her artistic endeavors, and, more than five decades later, has never regretted that decision. Over the years, Ms. Townsend-Viner has designed book covers and participated in one-woman shows at the Betty Barker Gallery, The Robert Rice Gallery, The Kirby Gallery, The Gallery Worth Avenue, and the Little Gallery, Nantucket, among others. She has also participated in group shows at the Veerhoff

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A licensed psychologist with more than five decades of experience, Dr. Carole Ann Rayburn is thriving in her private practice. She loves the job, and her background gives her a unique insight into the minds of her patients that is virtually unrivaled. Dr. Rayburn started her career as a psychometrician, which is a person skilled in the administration and interpretation of psychological tests, in 1963, and hasn’t looked back since. From 1966 to 1968, she served as a clinical psychologist for Spring Grove State Hospital in Catonsville, MD, and in 1969, she opened her own private practice. The next year, Dr. Rayburn became a staff clinical psychologist for the Institutional Care Services Division of the D.C. Children’s Center, where she

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Gerilyn Tandberg is the woman behind the mask—literally. A costume designer and theater educator with more than four decades of experience, she is passionate about making sure actors and actresses look and feel their part before the curtain rises. Her combination of interests and knowledge, particularly history and theater, enabled her to ensure that the garments she selected were accurate and made her an invaluable asset behind the scenes. Although Dr. Tandberg has since retired, she is noted for her time as a costume designer and historian for the theater department at Louisiana State University between 1973 and 2009, and as an assistant professor at Minot State University between 1966 and 1973. She is proud that her work allowed generations

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Although Maj. Barbara S. King initially became involved in her profession to help pay for college, by the end of her basic military training, she was hooked. Immediately after graduation from advanced individual training, she began looking for full-time work in the National Guard, and nine months later, she was hired for the first in a long line of U.S. Department of Defense positions. Ms. King proceeded to garner experience overseeing the financial management and administration of various programs under the construction and facilities management office for the Missouri Army National Guard, and knew she was committed for life. Now a performance assessment officer for the Business Transformation Office of the National Guard Bureau, she parlays more than two decades

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Jewel Thompson


In pursuit of her passions, Dr. Jewel Taylor Thompson found the perfect career at Hunter College. A professor in the Music Department since 1997, she combines her love for music and education in a way that enthralls her students and enlightens the younger generations. Dr. Thompson primarily teaches classes in music theory, which includes the materials used for music notation, such as scales and chords, and musicianship, such as sight-singing and ear training. She also has experience serving Hunter College as an assistant professor, an associate professor, and an adjunct assistant professor. Prior to her current endeavors, Dr. Thompson held the title of assistant professor at West Virginia Institute of Technology, West Virginia State College, and Virginia State University. ​

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An expert in aviation and meteorology, Debbie M. Schaum has thrived as the associate chair of applied aviation sciences at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. She has served the school for the past 22 years, and has remained steadfast in her goal of opening the doors of the field to more women. In her role with the institution, she is responsible for overseeing four majors in the applied aviation sciences department, including commercial space operations, air traffic management, aerospace, and occupational safety and meteorology, and teaching meteorology classes. Ms. Schaum particularly loves the fact that that the job allows her to build lasting relationships with students, and she intends to continue on that path moving forward. One of her main concerns is

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