Listee Features — July 2017


Armed with an unshakeable passion for medicine and a determination to achieve excellent quality in all aspects of patient care, Dr. Deborah Keirstead Bublitz is known for her outstanding contributions to the advancement of pediatrics. She began her career as a physician after earning a Bachelor of Science from Bates College in 1955 and an MD from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in 1959. She went on to pursue a residency at St. Louis Children’s Hospital and at the Department of Public Health and Hospitals at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center in Denver. She is a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics and a research fellow of the John F. Kennedy Center in Denver in child

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Barbara Chalk


Initially considering becoming a dietician, Barbara A. Chalk, RN, found her niche in operating room nursing following her studies at the Samaritan Medical Center in Watertown, New York, where she graduated with a diploma of nursing in 1957 and worked as a staff nurse in the operating room from 1957 to 1959. Throughout this early work, she received considerable support from her mentor, Dorothy “Dot” Foley, a fellow operating room nurse at the medical center who kept her out of trouble and helped her navigate and avoid the more difficult doctors who worked at the hospital. Ms. Chalk went on to join the University of Virginia Hospital in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 1959, serving as the head nurse for the neurosurgery

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Growing up in West Texas in 1937, Barbara McFarlin-Kosiec often heard Spanish spoken in her community, and became interested in the language and culture at a young age. She pursued Spanish in high school, which ultimately led her to become a Spanish teacher. Throughout her extensive career in education, Dr. McFarlin-Kosiec has taught the language to elementary and secondary school students in schools around Canada and the state of Washington. She has also taught in elementary school bilingual education programs and English as a second language, as well as multicultural relations in evening classes at Columbia Basin Community College in Texas. Additionally, she served as a Spanish, Mexican and Latin American history educator at Peninsula Community College in Washington, and

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Throughout her notable career as a nurse and psychologist, Eliza Hudson-Zonn has cared for patients in numerous settings, including psychiatric centers, private homes, geriatric centers, and critical care departments. She is currently the director of nursing at the Arc of Morris Chapter in Morris County, N.J., where she has worked since 2015, and at the Medical Day Care Center and the New Community Extended Care Center in Newark, N.J., where she has worked since 2003. She is also a supervising nurse at Interim Healthcare, Inc., and a private duty nurse at Maxim Healthcare, Inc., where she has worked since 1990. Previously, Ms. Hudson-Zonn garnered experience as the director of nursing at the American Red Cross of Morristown Home and Hospital

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Drawn to the field of art by her desire to share her passions with others, Mary A. Zahner parlays more than five decades of professional excellence to her position as a professor emerita at the University of Dayton. She has held the title since 2008, when she retired from the institution as a full professor. Previously, Dr. Zahner served the school as an instructor of art, an assistant professor, and an associate professor, dating back to 1971. She also accrued experience as a teaching assistant at Ohio State University, instructor and chairman of the art department at Dover High School, instructor of art at Logan High School, and instructor of art at Springfield Township Schools. ​ In addition to her

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Backed by 27 years of professional experience as a school psychologist for the Bermuda Ministry of Education and 10 years in the United States, Barbara G. Holder has thrived as she dedicated her career to fostering educational excellence. As education officer at the Ministry of Education, her responsibilities included providing psycho-educational services for preschool to high school students and collaborating with school personnel on how to help students achieve academic, social, and emotional success. This included training teachers on various learning and mental health topics like behavior management, referral processes and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Dr. Holder also consulted with students, parents, administrators, and teachers, and produced pyscho-educational reports that included the different types of tests administered, results, and classroom

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Sharon Gordon


A perfectionist with a desire to always be the best, Sharon A. Gordon dedicated 32 years to teaching math at Sparta High School in New Jersey, the very same school from which she graduated. She was inspired to enter the profession by her mom, who always saw her as a teacher, and she found that she was a natural fit. She considers her greatest achievements to be the notes she received from students thanking her for her efforts. ​ To prepare for her endeavors, Ms. Gordon attended Centenary College from 1963 to 1964, and earned a Bachelor of Arts in mathematics, chemistry and history from Drew University in 1967. She furthered her education in 1969, when she obtained a certification

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Nancy Garfield-Woodbridge began her distinguished career as an author and educator at an early age. She has been writing since childhood, and was once the editor of her school newspaper. In pursuit of her passions, she obtained a Bachelor of Arts in literature from Bennington College in 1955, earning a full-tuition scholarship, and a Master of Science in education from Hofstra University in 1972, where she completed postgraduate work in 1973. Ms. Garfield-Woodbridge also became certified to teach kindergarten through eighth grade, and English to grades seven through nine. While Ms. Garfield-Woodbridge was at Bennington College, she worked during her winter and summer vacations as an editorial assistant at the Wenner Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research. There, she contributed to

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Backed by a long and distinguished career as a home economist and educator in biological science, economics, vocational training and pre-kindergarten, Joan Landenberger Trefts is a well-respected member of her field. She started her journey as a summer school principal at John Adams High School, Collinwood High School and South High School, all from 1972 to 1995. Although she retired at the end of her tenure with the schools, she found she missed academia and, in 1996, she took on a variety of positions with her former employers. These include inner city principal with Collinwood High School and South High School and science teacher at John Adams High School, Collinwood High School, and South High School. She ultimately retired from

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Arva Parks


As a historian, preservationist and community leader, Arva Moore Parks has spent her adult life helping Miami’s diverse communities come together through a shared sense of place. She has been a freelance research historian since 1970, and her company, Arva Parks & Co., has been in the business of providing building construction and restoration services since 1986. ​​ Throughout her distinguished career, Ms. Parks has accrued a variety of related professional experiences, including chief curator of the Coral Gables Museum, adjunct professor and graduate assistant at the University of Miami, and teacher at several high schools. She has also been the president of Centennial Press since 1991. To prepare for her endeavors, Ms. Parks attended Florida State University from 1956

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