Listee Features — August 29, 2017


Teacher, writer, editor: for more than 40 years, Pamela Higdon has embodied the spirit of her titles. She loves sharing knowledge, whether it’s in print or in a classroom, and is dedicated to making a positive impact on her fields. For Ms. Higdon, life is about helping others in whatever way she can. ​ One of the earliest experiences in Ms. Higdon’s career saw her in Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia, where she spent eight years working with students as an elementary school teacher, district language arts committee member, after-school computer instructor, and science coordinator for the elementary school. Upon returning to the United States in 1987, she transitioned from academia to pursue her other passion, writing. She spent three years,

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Determined to thrive in the medical field, Patricia Barber worked hard to make her dreams a reality. Her journey began in 1974 at the University of Minnesota, where she served as a staff nurse until she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 1975. She proceeded to become certified as a registered nurse in Colorado, Illinois and Minnesota, and in 1978, she became certified as a nurse practitioner through the University of Illinois. Ms. Barber also became the transplant coordinator for the institution that year. She stayed until 1990, when she transferred to join Denver Presbyterian, which became Denver Presbyterian St. Luke’s Medical Center in 1993. Her tenure with the hospital lasted until 1999 in a variety of

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