Listee Features — September 7, 2017


“I see a bright future ahead for women and men who have the courage to believe in themselves and who invest in the development of their leadership skills.” These words from Eileen Anne Mullen demonstrate a philosophy that has made her the perfect person for the training and testing field. She has never wavered in her belief in her students or employees, and has worked hard to help them grow and reach their full potential. ​ Ms. Mullen was inspired to enter her profession by the wonderful nuns who taught her during her journey through the Catholic school system, as well as by her parents, who were strong professionals. After completing high school, she jumped into the workforce with both

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Driven by her passion for science, Marlyn Newhouse has enjoyed a long and fruitful career as a chemistry educator and consultant. She started in her field before she even graduated college, serving as a chemical research technician for the Unidynamics Division of the Universal Match Corporation from 1967 to 1968 and as a graduate teaching assistant, lab assistant, and stockroom clerk for the Department of Chemistry at Northern Arizona University from 1969 to 1971. Dr. Newhouse earned a Bachelor of Science in education and a Master of Arts in teaching from the school in 1971 and 1976, respectively. Since then, she has thrived in positions like teacher, science fair coordinator and service club sponsor for Page Schools in Arizona, teacher

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Nancy Alker Craigmyle is a leading expert in mindfulness meditation, salience detecting, anterior cingulate, locus coerulius, and norepinephine. She has spent more than four decades specializing in the physiology and psychology behind brain changes during meditation, specifically mindful meditation, and is renowned for her passion, talent, and commitment to excellence. She is devoted to unlocking the mysteries of consciousness. ​ Ms. Craigmyle began her prestigious career by earning a Bachelor of Arts in psychology with an emphasis on physiological psychology from Columbia University in 1974. She also enrolled in the PhD Department of Physiological Psychology at the University of South Carolina in 1984. While at Columbia, Ms. Craigmyle was introduced to some of the earliest Western scientific studies of meditation. After graduation,

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