Listee Features — September 8, 2017


Backed by more than 25 years in the medical profession and alternative healing practice, Dr. Marium Murad has founded the Movement Is Blessed program, a technique based on sound scientific principles related to the heart and circulation that aims to de-stress the heart by using a series of specific toe and finger exercises. She is very dedicated to her business and mission, and believes that even if she just touches one life, it’s worth it. Dr. Murad initially designed her program to help her immobilized mother, who suffered from back and heart-related illnesses. Using the program, her mother successfully recovered and then others who used the program had impressive results, and it evolved from there. ​ The Movement Is Blessed

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 Well-known for decades of hard work, dedication and success, Cherie MacQueen devoted the majority of her career in broadcasting as a newscaster and sportscaster. Her journey began in 1973, when she joined the U.S. Army and learned broadcasting and personnel administration. Of her eight years in the Army, she spent two years as a personnel specialist in Honolulu, and another three as an administrative specialist in San Francisco. She also served as a radio broadcast journalist in Vincenza, Italy, where television broadcasting had not yet come. ​ After her Army enlistment ended,  Ms. MacQueen went back to work as a civilian at the Armed Forces Radio and TV Service, which provides radio and television to servicemen and women and their

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