Listee Features — September 11, 2017


Inspired by her father, a well-known researcher in pharmacology, Dr. Annette Beyer-Mears decided that she, too, wanted to pursue a career in health care. Although the two diverged in terms of field of specialty when Dr. Beyer-Mears opted to study physiology and ophthalmology, she followed in his footsteps in terms of her deep devotion to her patients and community. She retired from her field after more than five decades of professional excellence. Dr. Beyer-Mears started her professional journey by earning a Bachelor of Arts from Vassar College in 1963, at which time she was selected to be a National Institutes of Health Fellow at Cornell University Medical School. After a brief stint as an instructor of physiology at Springside School

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Noted for her aptitude for business, Ann Meagher Williams excelled during more than five decades in the field.  Her longest position was director of community affairs at Cape Cod Hospital, where she stayed from 1977 until 1995. There, she was responsible for helping to maintain a positive image of the hospital and making people more comfortable with seeking medical treatment when they needed it. She was also involved with planning fundraising events for expanding a children’s ward. Over the course of her career, Ms. Williams held a variety of other positions as well. She started her professional journey as a radioisotope biologist for the Air Force Cambridge Research Center from 1952 until 1955 and as an assistant manager for Roxbury

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A woman of many talents, Shana Alexandria Haughton is both a fire inspector in the City of Baltimore and the owner of a fashion boutique shop. Although the two positions are vastly different, Ms. Haughton is well-suited to the responsibilities of each; her ability to connect with people is valuable in both retail and emergency response situations. ​ By day, Ms. Haughton is thriving in her job as a firefighter and paramedic, which she began in 2004. Years of hands-on experiences have made her an expert in emergency management, public safety, fire safety, and emergency preparedness. In 2011, she took on an additional role as a fire inspector in the Office of the Fire Marshal in the Baltimore City Fire

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