Listee Features — September 12, 2017


Looking for a profession that offered her a creative opportunity to help others, Patricia Moursalian found occupational therapy to be the perfect fit. She loves having the opportunity to rehabilitate patients by maximizing their independence with daily activities; she finds the most rewarding part of her field to be seeing patients succeed and recover, especially when they do things they didn’t think they could do. Ms. Moursalian is separated from her peers by her empathetic nature, which makes her determined to find lasting solutions; she never gives up on those she treats. ​ For more than a decade, Ms. Moursalian has dedicated those passions to her work at the Providence Benedictine Nursing Center in Mount Angel, OR. The center, which

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After more than 30 years in banking, Teresa Chavez is proud of her growth through the industry. When she first started at Union Bank in Los Angeles in 1960, she saw a lot of men receive promotions, but not women. She was determined, however, to become a success. Through hard work and dedication, she rose through the ranks and ended up being greatly appreciated both by staff and managers. Ms. Chavez not only collaborated with colleagues, increasing and strengthening her knowledge of the banking system, but also trained them, becoming a valuable resource. In 1979, she was promoted to operations officer, a milestone she was particularly proud of. From then until her retirement in 1994, she was responsible for customizing

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Linda Menard Post has had a long and distinguished career as a legislator and educator. Inspired by the leadership experience she gained as a member of the Matanuska-Susitna (Mat-Su) School Board for 12 years, she was elected in 2009 to represent District G of the Alaska State Senate. She was quite proud to be able to represent the fabulous state of Alaska and give back to her community. Notably, her first husband was also a senator, and they were the first husband and wife team to be elected. ​ In addition to her legislative work, Ms. Menard Post served as the owner of the Mrs. Alaska Franchise, which represents women who have honored the state, and as the owner and

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