Listee Features — October 9, 2017


A prominent figure in the health care industry, Bonnie W. Battey has remained invested in the future of the field for more than six decades.She is primarily focused on topics like Nursing ethics, communication and critical thinking, and is currently preparing a research project on continuing education sponsored by the American Holistic Nurse Association. She hopes to find new ways to integrate spirituality into common hospital practice. ​ In addition to her present endeavors, Dr. Battey has been a consultant and a private practitioner in Nursing since 1985. She garnered the experience necessary for her work through previous roles as an adjunct professor for the Samuel Merritt University School of Nursing, an adjunct associate professor at George Mason University, and a professor

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Deeply committed to women’s issues, Dr. Mieko Kotake Smith has led an impressive and prestigious career as an educator in the field of social work. She has always enjoyed both research and working with students, and she is proud to have been able to successfully merge her two interests. Dr. Smith feels it is important to chase dreams and do everything possible to achieve them. With that in mind, she started her journey by earning a Bachelor of Arts from Tsuda College in Tokyo in 1964 and has continued to further her academic knowledge over the years. In 1972, she obtained both a Master of Arts from Kent State University and an educational specialist degree, and in 1980, she obtained

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