Listee Features — October 10, 2017


For more than 30 years, LeAnn Michelle Oliver has remained committed to her work in government administration. She loves being able to make a difference in society, and to use her in-depth experiences to creatively solve problems and build partnerships. Further, her reputation for excellence in public policy, strategic planning, and program management, coupled with her field’s ample opportunities for growth, has allowed her to move quickly into more senior roles. The higher the role, the more she is able to use her knowledge to influence positive changes and advancements, and the better she can achieve her goals. Currently, Ms. Oliver is lending her services to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), where she has been for more than 10

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Long interested in the health industry, Mary F. Belmore grew up dreaming of making a positive difference in the lives of others. She worked hard to achieve her goals, and has established herself as an integral part of her professional community. She is currently the associate director of research and development and quality projects and support at Sanofi Genzyme Corporation, a biotechnology company that researches and develops products for the science industry. In her role, which she has held for 13 years, Ms. Belmore is responsible for overseeing the documentation group used in manufacturing SOPs and managing the archiving groups produced by the labs, as well as the stability group for all clinical trial testing. She is known amongst her

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