Listee Features — October 12, 2017

Anna Marie Rodriguez Figueres


 Creative, passionate, and a quick learner, Ana Maria Rodriguez Figueres has become distinguished as a leader in food science and technology. She rose through the ranks of the field quickly, aided by the master’s degree in food engineering from the Universidad de Costa and the Master of Science from the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia she held. Over the years, she worked hard to build a strong rapport with peers, clients and community alike, and credits her ongoing success to her capacity for embracing change and thinking positively. ​Now a professional with more than two decades of industry experience, Ms. Rodriguez Figueres has spent the last three years with Yum! Restaurants International as the food innovation director for Pizza Hut International. There, she

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Renowned as a master musician, educator, and composer, Karla A. Philipp feels the best part of her career is her students. She credits her positive rapport among the younger generations to treating everyone with respect, regardless of their ages. She has also found that the kids appreciate her usage of humor. Although she retired in 2009 after 30 years of teaching strings for the Memphis City Schools, Ms. Philipp remains invested in the future of the field. She is currently lending her expertise to her roles as the conductor of both the Memphis Youth String Ensemble and the Memphis Youth String Sinfonia. ​ In addition to her orchestral endeavors, Ms. Philipp also maintains a private studio for double bass players,

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