Listee Features — October 17, 2017


Devoted to providing leadership in a competitive workforce, Pauline “Polly” Roush Liss has spent more than seven decades working within her community. She has been the secretary treasurer of the American Association for Career Education since 1982, and was previously the editor-in-chief of the National Curriculum Audit Center of the American Association of School Administrators and the editor of the Pan American Union of the Organization of American States Inter-American Statistical Institute. She also served on the Arlington Country Public Schools Citizens Advisory Committee on Career, Technology, and Adult Education for several years. ​ The highlight of Mrs. Liss’s career has been the three programs that she has developed and presented on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The first,

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​Raised in the United Methodist Church (UMC), Irene Elaine Ford has long felt a connection to the religious institution’s teachings and mission. She believed it was important to spread the word and to guide others in their faith, and thus she set out, never wavering in her devotion. To prepare for her endeavors, she completed coursework at Duke Divinity School, West Virginia Wesleyan College, and Northern Community College. Just out of divinity school, Ms. Ford became pastor at Bristol Charge United Methodist Church in Bristol, W.Va., and served there for six years. She was also pastor at Christ-Owings Charge in Sinnston, W.Va., for five years.  Additionally, Ms. Ford served as pastor of Graysville-Washington Lands United Methodist Church and Nessly Chapel

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Between the classroom and the courtroom, Bethany K. Dumas is proud to have made a positive difference in the lives of so many others over the past five decades. She initially started her professional journey in English literature, one of her main passions, but decided to switch to linguistics during graduate school. A few years later, Dr. Dumas became interested in jury selection, so she pursued a law degree to understand it better. She currently holds a Bachelor of Arts from Lamar University, a Master of Arts and a PhD from the University of Arkansas, and a JD from the University of Tennessee College of Law. ​ Dr. Dumas has served her alma mater, the University of Tennessee, since 1974. She started

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