Listee Features — October 18, 2017


Inspired by her great-aunt Emma Frances Grayson Merritt, a pioneer in the field of education, Dr. Estelle Wormley Taylor fell in love with the possibility of teaching the younger generations. She pursued her interests, first at Miner Teacher’s College, where she earned a Bachelor of Science, magna cum laude, in 1945, and then at Howard University, where she earned a Master of Arts in 1947. She enhanced her knowledge by earning a PhD from the Catholic University of America in 1969. ​ Dr. Taylor started her career at her alma mater, Howard University, where she really found a home over the years. From 1947 to 1952, she served the institution as an instructor of English, and, after a brief interlude

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Growing up, Ruth C. Harris idolized her older sister, and wanted to do everything she did. Although she considered majoring in chemistry when it came time to pick her path, she ultimately decided to follow in her sister’s footsteps and pursue business administration. She found she especially enjoyed accounting, and an inspiring professor encouraged her to see where that interest could take her. Now, Dr. Harris holds a Bachelor of Science in business administration from Virginia State College (now Virginia State University), a Master of Business Administration from New York University and an EdD from the College of William and Mary. She also became the first African-American woman in the Commonwealth of Virginia to become a certified public accountant. As

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Despite a multitude of professional hurdles, Shirley Jeanne Allen has exemplified perseverance and strength by overcoming everything she faced. One of the first major obstacles she encountered was becoming deaf at just 20 years old because of a fever. At that time, she was majoring in music at Jarvis Christian College in Hawkins, Texas, preparing for the most important recital of her academic career. She performed her senior recital without being able to hear, and then immediately left for Gallaudet University, which provides high education to deaf and hard of hearing students. Dr. Allen earned a Bachelor of Arts from the institution in 1966, and proceeded to obtain a Master of Arts from Howard University in 1972 and an EdD

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