Listee Features — October 20, 2017


Although Tina A. Hobson’s interest in communications began as a hobby, it has blossomed into a full-time career. She is currently thriving as a best-selling author and radio show host, known for being a strong voice in the fight for female strength, power, and unity. ​ Ms. Hobson is a semi-retired licensed social worker with the state of Ohio. Social work has been her passion for the past 25 years, but, after attending a woman’s conference, she felt a strong motivation to keep the momentum going. Thus, she founded the I Am a Superwomen Radio Network LLC with the goal of inspiring women to become as empowered as she is. Ms. Hobson broadcasts her podcasts weekly via Blog Talk Radio

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Desiring to make her creative and rousing thoughts known to the world, Molly Odegard Nikolic was inspired to become a writer. She was first published when she won first place in a worldwide contest for her essay on preserving the Serbian language, and loved the feelings the experience stirred. Since then, she has continued to grow in the field, finding that she enjoys writing about topics that are going to teach people using subjects like World War II as reminders of life. She aims to be as honest as possible in her work. ​ With those tenets in mind, Ms. Odegard Nikolic set out to make her dreams a reality. She has since authored three books through the company, Publish

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