Listee Features — October 23, 2017


Specializing in neurology and internal medicine, Dr. Marion Priscilla Short has dedicated more than 30 years to researching and teaching neurogenetics. Her longstanding interest in the functionality of the brain motivated her to soar to new heights as she worked to advance the field, and she became known for her tenacity, effort, and skill. ​ Dr. Short started her career as an intern in internal medicine at Hahnemann Medical College Hospital in 1978, and quickly advanced to the positions of medical resident in internal medicine at St. Lukes-Roosevelt Hospital, neurology resident at the University of Pittsburgh Health Center, fellow in medical genetics at Mount Sinai Medical Center, and fellow in neurology at Massachusetts General Hospital. Her hands-on learning experiences complete,

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An expert in virology, Dr. Sara C. Johnson fell in love with microbiology and immunology in college and that, coupled with her fascination with highly-infectious agents, has led to a long and prestigious career with Clinical Research Management. As a research microbiologist for the agency, she is responsible for research that supports the development of vaccines, therapeutics and model development for those products. She loves her job, and strongly believes in their mission and in what they do. ​ Dr. Johnston prepared for her endeavors by earning a Bachelor of Science in biology, summa cum laude, at Utica College in 2004, and a Master of Science and a PhD in microbiology and immunology at the University of Rochester Medical Center

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