Listee Features — November 22, 2017


With expertise in government, academics, social welfare, and mental health, Delores L. Parron-Ragland was a highly-regarded figure in her communities. She championed the concerns of the underrepresented, fought for the rights of those who couldn’t fight for themselves, and was genuinely devoted to using her position to help others. Initially in child welfare as a social worker for the Spence-Chapin Adoption service and an adoption selection social worker for the Child Welfare Division of the District of Columbia Department of Human Resources, Dr. Parron transitioned to the role of psychiatric social worker with the Hillcrest Children’s Center in 1969. ​ The hands-on experiences gave Dr. Parron a wealth of new knowledge, which she sought to share with her peers as

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Endowed with a knack for mentoring, Paula Henderson Setters has always loved helping people understand difficult concepts. She decided to pursue her interest professionally, and after considering her options, broke into the education field as a teacher at the Warren Central High School in Kentucky 1970. A year later, she transferred to Homewood High School in Alabama, and four years after that, she joined the staff of LaRue County High School in Kentucky. Ms. Henderson Setters remained with the institution for 23 years before advancing to the collegiate level, with positions as an adjunct instructor and physics instructor at Campbellsville University. ​ To enhance her knowledge and standing in academia, Ms. Henderson Setters obtained a Bachelor of Science in physics

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