Listee Features — December 6, 2017


Skilled in mathematics, Patricia Creel Baltzley is celebrating more than four decades of excellence in the field. She has been an adjunct professor at Montana State University and board chair for Gardiner Public Schools since 2013, and an independent consultant in mathematics education since 2012. Prior to her current positions, Ms. Baltzley was the director of Pre-K-12 mathematics, a grades 6-12 mathematics supervisor, and a K-12 mathematics specialist for Baltimore County Public Schools, and a mathematics program developer for the Center for Social Organization of Schools at John Hopkins University. Additionally, she garnered experience as a mathematics teacher for the board of education at Carroll County Public Schools and Notre Dame Preparatory School and an accountant trainee for MBNA Limited,

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At the beginning of her professional journey, Dr. Margaret Josephine Cox was dedicated to studying foreign languages. During her time as an undergraduate, however, she met some physics majors and thought their field was fascinating. She switched majors, and, by 1961, held a Bachelor of Science in experimental physics from the University of London. Dr. Cox proceeded to earn a PhD in atomic physics at the University of London in 1966, which she considers to be one of the biggest milestones of her career. While working toward her graduate degree, she measured the absorption of residents’ radiation, a component needed to be able to create lasers. The second milestone Dr. Cox reached happened around 1969, when she traveled to America

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