Listee Features — December 2017


Motivated by a desire to make music collaboratively, Ann McFarland has spent her life pursuing her goal. She was first introduced to the field by her parents, who encouraged her to become a successful musician. Heeding their advice, she earned a Bachelor of Music from Susquehanna University in 1975, a Master of Music from Temple University in 1978, and a PhD in music education from Temple University in 2006. Additionally, Dr. McFarland was certified as a music and movement teacher level III by the American Orff Schulwek Association and as a movement teacher by High Scope. She is particularly proud of receiving a doctorate, as she was the only person in the music department to do so with children. She

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Interested in knowing the country around her, Catherine Lynch decided the U.S. Census would be the perfect fit. She lived in a rural area, and was frustrated with the lack of perception about the realty of the way things were there. Her main goal is to leave the world a better place, so she enjoyed the opportunity to interact with so many interesting people. During her time with the government agency, Ms. Lynch served as an assistant crew leader. She retired in 2010. ​ For most of her life before joining the U.S. Census, Ms. Lynch was a social work administrator. From 2005 to 2007, she was the director of development services at the Miami Children’s Hospital Foundation, and from

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Backed by expertise in human communication, performance studies, qualitative methods, and posthumanism and technoscience, Shauna M. MacDonald is thriving as an assistant professor in the Department of Communication at Villanova University. Her current course offerings include theories of perform studies and qualitative research in COM, and she has the additional responsibilities of acting as the director of programming for the gender and women’s studies department and advising both graduates and undergrads. Peers and students alike rave about her ability to take complex subjects and make them interesting and understandable. ​ Prior to joining the staff at Villanova, Dr. MacDonald served Southern Illinois University as the vice president of academic affairs for the graduate and professional student council, a graduate assistant

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