Listee Features — February 2, 2018


Coming from a family of well-respected lawyers, Margaret Maie Wheltle felt it was only natural to follow in their footsteps. Her parents ensured that honesty and integrity were ingrained in her character, and taught her to have a strong work ethic. Their lessons paid off, as she was the only girl from her class to graduate from law school. Later on in her journey, she became the first woman in the school of theology to graduate from the seminary. Her professional designations include a Master of Sacred Theology from St. Mary’s Seminary and University, a JD from the University of Maryland, and a Bachelor of Arts from Mount St. Agnes College. She completed postgraduate work at the Catholic University of

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Growing up in Old Lyme, Conn., a 19th century artist colony, Virginia Greenleaf Koch spent much of her childhood observing the influx of talented painters around her. Her interest grew into a strong desire to make her own mark on the field, so in 1941, she set off in pursuit of her dreams. Over the course of the next two decades, she honed her craft with the likes of Ivan Olinsky, Robert Brackman and Gene Davis, and studied at schools like American University and Yale University. She feels her education really pushed her onto the path she followed the rest of her career. In 1970, Ms. Greenleaf Koch participated in her first solo exhibition, which was at the Studio Gallery

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