Listee Features — March 2018


Believing in the importance of being open to new opportunities, Jeanette R. Little has found that research is the perfect field for her. She enjoys looking at where the future is going; medicine and technology are constantly changing, which means there is always something new to discover. It also means she never has to stay in one spot for too long; her role is constantly changing. At the moment, Ms. Little is lending her services to the U.S. Army as a capability area manager in the Virtual Health Research Task Area of the Medical Research and Material Command, the Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center as a lab leader of the Mobile Health Innovation Center, and Augusta University as an

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Recognized for her passion and talent, Joyce Sattler Howard spent decades in academia before retiring. She became interested in teaching because she wanted to help her own children with their education, and thus she earned an Associate of Arts from Nassau Community College and a Bachelor of Arts in elementary education and a Master of Arts from Adelphi University. After becoming certified as a K-6 teacher in New York City, Ms. Howard joined the North Bellmore School District as a teacher. Her tenure there included involvement with the Space and Enrollment Committee and the Shared Decision Making Committee, and roles like mentor of the North Bellmore School District Mentor Program, instructor of the North Bellmore Teacher Center, and member of

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Smart and fair, Karen Tripp has spent decades pursuing law. She loves having the opportunity to help clients, particularly with intellectual property, and as the head of her own eponymous firm, she is able to do just that. Her main focus is oilfield, chemical, and licensing patents, although she has experience in a variety of other areas as well. Her professional resume includes roles as the president of Blake Barnett & Company, head of the intellectual property section of the Houston Office of Winstead, Sechrest & Minick, Attorneys at Law, shareholder and associate at Arnold, White and Durkee, attorney and technical transfer coordinator for the Exxon Production Research Company, and law clerk to both Tucker, Gray & Epsy and the

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Coming from a family of doctors, Mahpareh Mostoufizadeh decided to follow in their footsteps at the young age of 17. She had always had a good sense of leadership and the ability to remain focused on goals, so the field seemed a natural fit. Dr. Mostoufizadeh cares deeply for her patients and students at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and at the Jefferson Hospital of the Allegheny Health Network. She has served the former as a clinical assistant professor of pathology since 1989 and the latter as the director of laboratories since 1987. She has also been the chairperson of the Blood Utilization and Transfusion Committee and a member of the Medical Executive Committee at the Jefferson Hospital

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In the eyes of Annabel K. Stephens, public libraries and librarians provide great benefits to individuals and communities. She decided she wanted to be a part of that world at a young age, and, after decades of experience, continues to thrive. She started out as a librarian at Muscle Shoals Regional Library and Memphis Public Library, and then became a branch head at the latter and the director of the Jennie Stephens Smith Public Library. Dr. Stephens proceeded to join the College of Communication & Information Sciences at The University of Alabama in 1984, where she found her niche. As both a librarian and professor, she has the privilege of helping people use public libraries and of preparing future librarians

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Determined, driven, and compassionate, Jane E.S. Wright has been essential to the growth of several businesses over the years. She is presently the owner of Pinnacle International Events Ltd., where she is responsible for developing, producing, and delivering projects from proposal to delivery. Her responsibilities also include developing and monitoring timelines, budgets, and client relationships, and managing operational and administrative functions to ensure projects were completed efficiently, as well as providing leadership and support to her teams and conducting onsite inspections and project management events. ​ Mrs. Wright’s other current endeavors are assistant manager of Hospitals Auxiliary of Bermuda through the Bermuda Hospitals Board, where she oversees the Candy Stripers, and director of RBYAC Team Bermuda. Previously, she served as

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Taught at a young age to always do her best, Alicia Garcia Clark has built an impressive resume over the years. She was the first woman to study textile engineering and the only woman to work at Celanese, and experienced continuous promotion throughout her journey. She started with Celanese Mexicana, a subsidiary of the Celanese Corporation, as a chemist in 1951, and became a laboratory manager in 1953. When the company decided to start a long campaign to improve their product, they took her from the laboratory and made her a technical assistant in the Sales Promotion Department. Ms. Clark was successful in selling new ideas to the mills because they believed she was genuine in wanting to help them.

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Renowned amongst her peers for her expertise in travel management, marketing strategy, and strategic planning, Beth Gardner is currently lending her knowledge to Custom Travel Solutions. She has served as the company’s founder, president, and CEO since 1995, and is proud to be making headway as a pioneer in the field. Under her leadership, Custom Travel recently launched a new logistics platform that provides a full, completely automated, end-to-end solution to travel needs. There isn’t anything else like this on the market in North America. Ms. Gardner has also branched out to form Custom Vacations, which focuses on leisure as opposed to corporate travel. Looking forward, she hopes to continue expanding and advancing her business. Ms. Gardner had wanted to work in the travel

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Backed by more than two decades of professional excellence, Miriam Kove continues to thrive as a psychotherapist in New York. She specializes in child psychotherapy, and is dedicated to correcting misconceptions about children and parenting. She believes that showing people the truth will help them develop a better understanding about what kids need to have a healthy sense of worth and self-esteem. Prior to her own private practice, Ms. Kove served as a faculty supervisor, clinician, and psychotherapist at New Hope Guild Center, a director of the daycare on-site therapy program at C.I.S. Counseling Center, an intake director and clinician at the Institutes of Religion and Health, an adjunct early childhood lecturer at a community college in Brooklyn, N.Y., and

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Fueled by her love for language and literature, Barbara Mujica spent more than five decades writing, teaching, and sharing her passion. She started as an instructor of French at the University of California, Los Angeles in 1963, but left after a year to become an associate editor of modern languages for Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, now Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. In 1973, Dr. Mujica joined The City University of New York as an assistant professor of romance languages and as an instructor, and in 1974, she joined Georgetown University as a professor of Spanish. She initiated the Student Veterans Association at the latter school, and retired in 2017 happy to leave with the security that the program will be there for veterans. ​ When

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