Listee Features — March 28, 2018


Taught at a young age to always do her best, Alicia Garcia Clark has built an impressive resume over the years. She was the first woman to study textile engineering and the only woman to work at Celanese, and experienced continuous promotion throughout her journey. She started with Celanese Mexicana, a subsidiary of the Celanese Corporation, as a chemist in 1951, and became a laboratory manager in 1953. When the company decided to start a long campaign to improve their product, they took her from the laboratory and made her a technical assistant in the Sales Promotion Department. Ms. Clark was successful in selling new ideas to the mills because they believed she was genuine in wanting to help them.

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Renowned amongst her peers for her expertise in travel management, marketing strategy, and strategic planning, Beth Gardner is currently lending her knowledge to Custom Travel Solutions. She has served as the company’s founder, president, and CEO since 1995, and is proud to be making headway as a pioneer in the field. Under her leadership, Custom Travel recently launched a new logistics platform that provides a full, completely automated, end-to-end solution to travel needs. There isn’t anything else like this on the market in North America. Ms. Gardner has also branched out to form Custom Vacations, which focuses on leisure as opposed to corporate travel. Looking forward, she hopes to continue expanding and advancing her business. Ms. Gardner had wanted to work in the travel

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Backed by more than two decades of professional excellence, Miriam Kove continues to thrive as a psychotherapist in New York. She specializes in child psychotherapy, and is dedicated to correcting misconceptions about children and parenting. She believes that showing people the truth will help them develop a better understanding about what kids need to have a healthy sense of worth and self-esteem. Prior to her own private practice, Ms. Kove served as a faculty supervisor, clinician, and psychotherapist at New Hope Guild Center, a director of the daycare on-site therapy program at C.I.S. Counseling Center, an intake director and clinician at the Institutes of Religion and Health, an adjunct early childhood lecturer at a community college in Brooklyn, N.Y., and

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