Listee Features — April 25, 2018


The founder and president of IEM LED Lighting Technologies, M. Nisa Khan has thrived in the semiconductors and engineering field. She and her company develop LED lighting technologies through research, innovation, and engineering. Their services include providing training and tutorials for R&D, manufacturing, engineering, and marketing for LED and SSL lighting. They also offer comprehensive LED/SSL luminaire product design, optimization, simulation, and testing for various existing and new lighting products.  Dr. Khan also works as an independent consultant and performs feasibility studies in various LED lighting and display industries.​ ​ ​Dr. Khan is the author of the research and college textbook, “Understanding LED Illumination.” It was described as the “most comprehensive introductory book in LED lighting,” by Professor Chou at

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A medical researcher with decades of experience, Charlotte G. Neumann is most proud of the work she has done in Africa. Her focus is on the malnutrition of women and children, although she also has experience in maternal health, childhood obesity, and nutritional intervention for HIV drugs. To share what she has learned, Dr. Neumann has also worked as a research professor at the Fielding School of Public Health at the University of California, Los Angeles, since 2009.  She considers her favorite part of the job to be guiding the younger generations and getting physicians involved with nutrition. Dr. Neumann credits her husband for getting her involved in her field. She met him while studying at Harvard University, and found

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Backed by strong leadership experience and a passion for forestry and construction, Dean Naomi Brown has thrived in the Department of Natural Resources in the state of Alaska. She currently serves the organization as the deputy state forester in the Division of Forestry, as an acting state forester, and as the co-chair of the computer group. In the past, her roles included acting director of agriculture and manager of the Northern Region of the Division of Land and Water Management. Outside of the Department of Natural Resources, Ms. Brown garnered experience as a journeyman carpenter with Enserch Alaska Construction, Inc., a geologist with Placer Dome United States Inc., an office manager with Northwind Aviation, assistant construction engineer and field construction

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