Listee Features — April 26, 2018


Renowned for her expertise in education, home economics and health care, Allamay Anderson has been thriving as a professional development consultant in New York City since 1978. She started her career as a school food service dietitian for the New York City Board of Education from 1968 to 1988, and in 1988, she transitioned to become a home and career skills teacher at Louis Armstrong Middle School. A year later, Ms. Anderson joined the staff of Manhattan High School as a special education teacher, where she stayed for six years before becoming as AIDS resource coordinator. Ms. Anderson also garnered experience as a partner of Masiba Building Corp., owner of AEA Development Service, and executive board member of the School

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Positive, hardworking and honest, Eva Jo Sparks has become a trusted member of the forensic consulting community. Her expertise lies in white collar crimes like financial and health care fraud, predatory lending, and mortgage crime, and led her to create her company, Oklahoma Expert Witness. There, she is responsible for forensic accounting and investigations, detecting embezzlement, reconstructing financial records and books, preparing cases for court, creating trial exhibits, and testifying in federal and state courts. ​ The most gratifying aspect of Ms. Sparks’ job, however, is assisting pro se litigants who have been wrongfully cheated and have no means to assist themselves. One of her most notable cases involved an attorney altering her expert report regarding Medicare fraud. She worked

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