Listee Features — May 1, 2018


Growing up with a mother employed at United States Environmental Protection Agency, Maura J. Donohue was introduced to the sciences at a young age. She decided to pursue her interest, first at Elms College, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in biology in 1995, and then at American University, where she earned a PhD in chemistry in 2002. Dr. Donohue found she really enjoys the transition of digging into details and making them practical, usable, and insightful. She joined the United States Environmental Protection Agency as a research chemist in 2003, and continues in that role to this day. Some of her responsibilities include developing methods for Legionella detection and microbacteria detection in drinking water and helping out the

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Working toward her goal of giving people the ability to live their lives to the fullest, Sonia Patricia Swallow joined the Women in Politics Canadian Conservative Party as the regional director in 2016. Her background in visionary team leadership, group integration, and motivational speaking has really come in handy as she navigates the political landscape. The organization was founded to support women aspiring to hold public office. ​ Another way Ms. Swallow supported her goal was through her company, Apollo Driver Training, Ltd. She saw firsthand the pain that could be caused by unsafe drivers, so she made driver education her mission from 1996 to 2012. One of the things that set her apart from other schools of this nature

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