Listee Features — May 4, 2018


An experienced marriage and family therapist, Eleanor Zeitlen Avinor continues to thrive in her private mental health care practice. She started the business in 2007 using her expertise in psychology, counseling, and psychological assessment, and wholeheartedly loves her work. She has also lent her services to her role as the academic director and head of the department of KEG Cards International since 1990. KEG cards are therapy tools she created to help foster emotional growth. They are now used all over the world. ​ Previously, Dr. Avinor was the academic CEO of KEG International and a researcher and teacher with the University of Haifa in Israel. She found she enjoyed advancing the field and sharing her knowledge with others, so

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Marianne Huber has had a long and distinguished career as an art dealer and appraiser. She is presently an expert at Heritage Auctions in Dallas, the world’s largest collectibles auctioneer. Ms. Huber also stands at the head of New World Art Services, a company she founded in 1993 and dedicated to consulting and appraising in the field of tribal art for market advice, donations and insurance. Her particular interests are pre-Columbian art, African art, and Oceanic art, and she has done extensive work in appraising and identifying costumes and textiles. ​ In preparation for her career, Ms. Huber earned a Bachelor of Arts from Cardinal Stritch College in Milwaukee in 1958, where she studied anthropology and then earned an Associate

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Focused on inspiring children to become lifelong readers and library patrons, Sharon Sappington has spent more than five decades working toward her goal. She had always loved books, and used to gather the neighborhood kids to read aloud to them. When it came time to choose a career, she felt like becoming a teacher and librarian was her destiny. Ms. Sappington proceeded to complete coursework at Florida Southern College between 1962 and 1964 and to obtain a Bachelor of Arts in education from the University of Florida in 1966. She furthered her education with postgraduate work at the University of Alabama in 1980. ​ Now, Ms. Sappington is using her expertise as a member of the Tale Tellers of St.

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