Listee Features — June 2018


Motivated by her desire to help others, Lucile Mason has dedicated the majority of her career to nonprofit leadership. She started as a conference manager with Camp Fire Girls, Inc., and then became the executive director of the Association of the Junior League of America, Inc., the director of the Division of Public Affairs at Girl Scouts of the United States, and director of public relations at the YWCA of the City of New York. Ms. Mason also spent time as the director of community relations and development at the Girl Scout Council of Greater New York, the director of development at the Montclair Kimberley Academy, the director of development for Ethical Culture Schools, the development officer of foundations for

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Coming from a family of teachers, Rita R. Frady didn’t initially want to pursue education. She loved music, particularly piano, and wanted a career in that realm. Her husband suggested she combine the two, so Dr. Frady went back to school and found she loved it. She began as a K-6 music teacher for the Cherokee County Board of Education in 1991 and hasn’t looked back since. After 14 years in that role, Dr. Frady became a music teacher for the Hasty Elementary Fine Arts Academy of the Cherokee County Board of Education in 2005. She continues in that capacity to this day. During this time, she also served as an adjunct professor at Piedmont College. ​ Dr. Frady prepared

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Music started as something Mary Bronaugh-Davis shared with her parents. Both could play piano, and when Ms. Bronaugh-Davis was a child, her mother got a duet book so they could play together. Ms. Bronaugh-Davis discovered she had a natural talent for the instrument, and decided that she wanted to pursue it further. She proceeded to earn a Bachelor of Arts from William Jewell College in 1959, after which she went on tour in Canada for the summer. When she returned, she received a letter asking if she wanted to teach piano, and the rest is history. She worked as a piano teacher at the Leshosky Music Store from 1959 to 1961, as a minister, musician, and organist at the Barry

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Noted as one of the first female journalists on TV in North Dakota, Kathleen Dakota Parker is proud to have earned the trust of her communities, both personally and on a larger screen. She started as a writer for the Associated Press in 1973, and continued on to become a journalist with CBS Network News, a reporter and anchorwoman for Station KFMB-TV, the president of Pacific Communications, the owner and operator of Station KOWL-AM, Inc., and the co-founder of Parker Communications/Parker Pacific. Ms. Parker also garnered experience as the owner and operator of Stations KIKI-AM and KAMI-FM through Island Communications and iHeartMedia, Inc., the owner and operator of the Station KIKI Licensing Corporation in Japan, and the owner and operator

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Distinguished as a maternal child health care professional, Judy Canahuati has been an invaluable expert and technical adviser to the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Food for Peace initiative since 2004. In her role, Ms. Canahuati works with the organization to address the nutritional needs of young children in countries in need like Honduras, with a series of innovative ready-to-use nutritional supplements. She finds it extremely rewarding to help families give their babies the best start they can in life. ​ Since 1973, Ms. Canahuati has been a La Leche League Leader, a group she previously served as a senior nutrition and maternal child health adviser and lactation consultant. She also garnered experience in a variety of other related positions,

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Driven by her hunger for knowledge, Margaret Munnerlyn has always loved reading. She has a very analytical mind, and treasures the constant opportunity for discovery that books offer. That’s why writing seemed a natural profession for her; it would allow her to contribute to the world she grew up studying in a lasting and impactful way. Ms. Munnerlyn pursued her interests at The Lafayette Academy, where she earned a certificate in 1973, and at the Albert Merrill School, where she earned a certificate in 1977. She then jumped right into the field, focusing her work on the inspiration she gains from her surroundings. Over the years, Ms. Munnerlyn also worked as a director, translator, and researcher for a play about

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Passionate and hardworking, Jean Brannon has worn many hats over the course of her career. She started as a nurse and nursing educator, holding positions at places like the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and the Alamo County College District. During this time, she also taught history and performed as a stand-up comic. Ms. Brannon loved working with students and getting them excited for their future in the field.  When her mother got sick, however, she decided to retire to focus on caring for her. She discovered that real estate would allow her to set her own flexible schedule, perfect for her situation, so she opened Brannon Properties, LLC. She remains there to this day, and works with both

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Growing up, Sylvia Goldschmidt wanted to save the world. She initially thought the best way to achieve her goal was through psychology and sociology, so she obtained a joint undergraduate degree from the University at Buffalo. After a year serving VISTA, now known as AmeriCorps, however, Ms. Goldschmidt decided that she could make the most difference as a lawyer. She proceeded to earn a JD from Brooklyn Law School in 1981 and an LLM in taxation from New York University School of Law in 1982, and to become admitted to practice in the state of New York in1983. Degrees in hand, she set out on her new path, and she hasn’t looked back since. ​ Now, Ms. Goldschmidt is thriving

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Catherine Uyehara has been pursuing science with a passion for as long as she can remember. She was always curious about the world, and found research to be an exciting way to discover new things. She believes in STEM outreach programs because she feels she owes her development as a scientist to inspiring teachers who went out of their way to encourage her curiosity. In middle school, a teacher enabled her to work in a university lab after school to do her first science fair project on using temperature to protect corn plants from fungus. In high school, she took part in a National Science Foundation summer science program, which, along with the guidance of an enthusiastic marine biology teacher,

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Backed by 31 years in education, Judy Schieble is currently lending her knowledge to Spaceport Sheboygan. She joined the NASA-affiliated organization as a teacher liaison in 2003, and loves being able to help the younger generations. Ms. Schieble is particularly skilled at model rocketry and paper rocketry, and thus also volunteers for the company’s Rockets for Schools Program. Previously, she garnered experience as a science teacher. While in the public school system, she served as a coach of the boys and girls swimming and diving teams and as the founder and coach of the freshman girls’ basketball program. Ms. Schieble attributes her success thus far to her diverse academic experience. She started by earning a Bachelor of Science in physical

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