Listee Features — June 15, 2018


Noted as one of the first female journalists on TV in North Dakota, Kathleen Dakota Parker is proud to have earned the trust of her communities, both personally and on a larger screen. She started as a writer for the Associated Press in 1973, and continued on to become a journalist with CBS Network News, a reporter and anchorwoman for Station KFMB-TV, the president of Pacific Communications, the owner and operator of Station KOWL-AM, Inc., and the co-founder of Parker Communications/Parker Pacific. Ms. Parker also garnered experience as the owner and operator of Stations KIKI-AM and KAMI-FM through Island Communications and iHeartMedia, Inc., the owner and operator of the Station KIKI Licensing Corporation in Japan, and the owner and operator

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Distinguished as a maternal child health care professional, Judy Canahuati has been an invaluable expert and technical adviser to the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Food for Peace initiative since 2004. In her role, Ms. Canahuati works with the organization to address the nutritional needs of young children in countries in need like Honduras, with a series of innovative ready-to-use nutritional supplements. She finds it extremely rewarding to help families give their babies the best start they can in life. ​ Since 1973, Ms. Canahuati has been a La Leche League Leader, a group she previously served as a senior nutrition and maternal child health adviser and lactation consultant. She also garnered experience in a variety of other related positions,

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