Listee Features — August 2, 2018


Growing up in the country, Pamela Hallock Muller has always loved the outdoors. She knew she wanted a career that revolved around nature, and found oceanography to be a particularly appealing niche. Dr. Hallock Muller proceeded to earn a Bachelor of Arts in zoology from the University of Montana in 1969 and both a Master of Science and PhD in oceanography at the University of Hawaii in 1972 and 1977, respectively, and to become a certified scientific diver. Her first position in the field was assistant professor of earth sciences at the University of Permian Basin, followed by associate professor of marine science at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg. She currently serves the latter school as a professor.

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Encouraged to pursue education by her father, a school teacher, Joy Ann Dyer-Raffler is proud of her contributions to the field. She started as an art educator in the Tucson Unified School District in 1970 and remained with the school until her retirement in 2005. During her time there, she also served as a special education teacher, a special education diagnostician, and an exceptional education teacher. Ms. Dyer-Raffler really loved being able to impact the lives of so many students in her community. To prepare for her endeavors, Ms. Dyer-Raffler earned a Master of Education in special education and a Master of Education in secondary education from The University of Arizona, Tucson, in 1976 and 1974, respectively. She also earned

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Education has always been a big part of T. Kay Kiser’s life. She comes from a family of teachers and scholars, and learned the importance of continuously pursuing knowledge at a young age. Her dream in high school was to use her resources to become a medical missionary to Africa, but life got in the way. Still interested in the sciences, however, Ms. Kiser decided to make the best of her situation and become an independent scholar. She was very good at analysis, particularly instrument analysis, and took pleasure in digging deep and discovering the truth about things. Over the years, Ms. Kiser garnered hands-on experience in positions like microbiologist for the South Carolina State Board of Health, teacher at

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A competent and compassionate clinician, Ann-Marie McCabe cares more about the quality of her care than the quantity. She started out taking care of geriatric patients in primary care, and got bit by the behavioral health bug in 2006. Then, in 2012, she started working with the substance abuse population and found it to be really fulfilling. Ms. McCabe proceeded to steer her career in that direction, and has since found a home with Stanley Street Treatment & Resources and Associates in Behavioral Health. She serves both organizations as a nurse practitioner, the former since 2016 and the latter since 2015. Her responsibilities include conducting psychiatric evaluations on substance abuse and mental health patients and stabilizing their symptoms so they

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If Miriam D. Davis had the chance to live her life over, she wouldn’t change a thing. Everything she went through in her younger years led her to social work, her true calling. She genuinely loved her career, and is proud to have helped so many people. Ms. Davis began her journey wanting to pursue religion, but felt unfilled after two years in the field. She wasn’t sure what to do until a chance encounter with her sister’s friend led her to social work. At the time, all that was required was a college degree and a desire to better the lives of others, and Ms. Davis definitely qualified. She proceeded to apply for and obtain a position as a

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Inspired by her sister, who had Down syndrome, Sue Ellen Maltby has dedicated her life to psychology and special education. She started her professional journey as a psychology technician and psychologist at Central State Hospital in Georgia, and as a psychologist at the Georgia War Veterans Home. She then advanced to become a mental retardation specialist at the Albany Mental Health/Mental Retardation Center in Georgia, the director of the residential program at the Colin Anderson Center in West Virginia, and a special education teacher in the West Virginia Department of Education. Now, Ms. Maltby is parlaying her decades of experience into her role as the lead teacher in the West Virginia Department of Education, which she has held since 1991.

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Following in the footsteps of her father and stepmother, Tracy I. Lanes is thriving as a nurse anesthetist.  She joined Washington University in St. Louis in 2007, and has since garnered a reputation for her passion, and hard work. Her peers really appreciate Ms. Lanes’ commitment to building collegiality amongst different departments, and her patients appreciate her commitment to ensuring they are taken care of. Ms. Lanes strongly believes in the importance of teamwork, and strives to ensure that everyone’s opinions are heard and valued. During her time at the institution, Ms. Lanes also served in the U.S. Air Force Reserve and in the U.S. Army Reserve. To prepare for her journey, Ms. Lanes earned a Bachelor of Science in

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A pioneer in the feminist movement, Gloria Feman Orenstein has dedicated herself to making a difference. She felt the best way to share her interest in feminist art, ecofeminism, and women of Surrealism was higher education, where she could work with students directly. She started as a chargé de cours in American culture and literature at the University of Paris in France in 1971, and moved to the Douglass College of Rutgers University a year later. She really felt at home at the institution, and held positions including co-adjutant in English and women’s studies, assistant English professor, chairperson of the women’s studies program, and director of The Rutgers Junior Year in France. Dr. Orenstein then transferred to the University of

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A 50-year veteran of the education industry, Arline Roth Brick is thrilled at her continued success in the field. Her first foray into academia was in college, when she got a job as a day camp counselor and found she really liked the work. Ms. Brick knew she had to pursue it further, so she tutored at The Salvation Army and volunteered in an elementary school in the afternoon physical education programs during college. After college, she worked as a research associate in the education department at the University of Hartford and helped develop the Vista program and the Teacher Core Program between the Hartford Board of Education and the Hartford School System. From 1969 to 2003, Ms. Brick taught

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