Listee Features — August 3, 2018


Growing up in a farming area in western Pennsylvania, Jacqueline Y. Miller loved wandering outside, collecting butterflies and birds, and going fishing. She decided she wanted to pursue her interests further, so she became a curator of drosophila in the Department of Biology at the University of Pittsburgh. Getting this opportunity was wonderful for her, and only strengthened her passion. Set on her quest for discovery, Dr. Miller advanced through positions like curator of drosophila in the Department of Zoology at the University of Maryland, College Park, instructor in the Department of Biology at Gallaudet College, and assistant curator and entomology associate at the Allyn Museum of Entomology at the Florida Museum of Natural History. She continues to serve as

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Known amongst her peers for her hard work and dedication to others, Mary D’Onofrio is proud of the impact she had on the medical transcription industry. She loved the challenge of working with a variety of physicians and building skills and knowledge in the field. The highlight of her career, however, came while working for a psychiatrist in Tuscon, Arizona. As she was transcribing words for him in his dictation, it occurred to her that it might be helpful for other transcriptionists to have a guide for words and phrases relating to psychiatry. Ms. D’Onofrio began collecting them as she worked, and she asked a few of her friends in the business to do the same. With her daughter serving

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For as long as she can remember, Darlene Dodd has harbored a passion for nursing. She was drawn to the profession because of the opportunity it presented to help others, and after her first position in the field, staff nurse in the U.S. Air Force at the Randolph Air Force Base in Texas, she knew she had made the right choice. Ms. Dodd quickly gained a reputation for her hard work and dedication to the job, making her a much sought-after team member. She went where she was needed; over the years, she served as a staff nurse in the U.S. Air Force at the Ladd Air Force Base in Alaska, the Selfridge Air National Guard Base in Michigan, the

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The first class Virginia Ramey Mollenkott took in college was literature, and she just knew she had to pursue it further. She proceeded to earn a Bachelor of Arts from Bob Jones University and a Master of Arts from Temple University, which propelled her to a position as the chair of the English Department at Shelton College. Dr. Mollenkott specialized in 17th century English literature because, although it was a very classist system, it produced wonderful poetry. She also researched the relationship between sexuality and spirituality. To enhance her professional standing, Dr. Mollenkott obtained a PhD from New York University. This helped her advance to roles like chair of the English Department at Nyack College, professor of English at William

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Inspired by her mother, Sara Ann Young decided to follow in her footsteps and become a nurse. She proceeded to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from West Virginia University in 1970 and a Master of Science in Nursing from The Catholic University of America in 1977, and to become certified as a bereavement counselor and lactation consultant. Her first job in the field was staff nurse at Camden Clark Memorial Hospital, followed by head nurse in labor and delivery at the institution, staff nurse at George Washington University Hospital, and clinical associate II at the University of Connecticut School of Nursing. Then, from 1978 to 2011, Ms. Young served as an obstetrics-gynecology clinical nurse specialist at Hartford Hospital.

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Encouraged by her parents and the great teachers she encountered as a student, Petra Hegstad DeKrey led a highly-successful career in education. It all began in 1966, when she joined both Hayes Elementary School and Rice Creek Elementary School as a second grade teacher. In the years that followed, she progressed through a variety of roles, including chapter I reading teacher at Chief Bug-O-Nay-Ge-Shig School, English reading teacher at Rochester Public Schools, and student newspaper advisor and chapter I reading teacher at Moorhead Junior High School through Moorhead Area Public Schools. For her final year in academia, Ms. DeKrey served as an eighth-grade reading teacher at Horizon Middle School. She retired in 2005. Beyond her work in the schools, Ms.

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Motivated by an innate interest in politics and foreign relations, Dorothy M. Sampas dedicated more than four decades to the U.S. government. She started her journey as a city editor at The Michigan Daily and a registered lobbyist at The Michigan Legislature, and then advanced to become a member of the Bureau of Public Affairs in the U.S. Department of State, a vice-consul for the United States Consulate General in Hamburg, Germany, and a consultant for the Transcentury Corporation. Over the years, Dr. Sampas garnered a reputation for her passion and professionalism, propelling her to positions like analyst in the Bureau of Administration, division and deputy chief in the Office of Position and Pay Management, and director and division chief

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Dedicated and hardworking, Anne L. Ayers, a current court-appointed probate administrator, parlays more than five decades of professional excellence into her highly responsible professional positions. She started her journey as a counselor for the Seattle First United Methodist Church, a co-counselor for a Nutka Indian Migrant Camp for the Council of Churches on Vashion Island, a counselor, speech pathologist, and audiologist for Good Will Industries, and a counselor at Seattle Central Community College. She continued her journey in 1971 as a staff consultant in student development at Central Washington University (replacement for the Dean of Women), and continued on to become the director of six U.S. Aerospace Defense Command Resident Education Centers for North Dakota and Montana at Chapman University

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Steadfast in her mission of uncovering and distributing knowledge, Deborah S. Rieselman is passionate about telling stories in a way that makes people want to read them. She developed an interest in writing and journalism in high school, and went to college during the Watergate scandal. The impact of that story was very inspirational to her; she wanted to affect lives in a similar matter. Ms. Rieselman’s first step toward achieving her goals was becoming the managing editor of Record Newspapers in 1979. She stayed there until 1984, at which point she advanced to the positions of assistant director, digital executive editor, and editor of UC Magazine. Today, Ms. Rieselman parlays this experience into her roles as the owner of

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