Listee Features — August 23, 2018


In the real estate business for more than 35 years, Dixi Applegate loves helping people find their dream homes. She started her journey as a broker at Slifer, Smith & Frampton in 1981, and quickly gained a reputation for being fair, honest, and effective. Since then, she has become a consistent sales leader in Beaver Creek and Vail Valley, Colorado, and has accrued experience in residential real estate, luxury homes, condominium, and townhouses. Notably, Ms. Applegate was the original listing agent for Beaver Creek’s largest condo complex, The Charter, and for Vail Valley’s single-family home development, Forest Place. She now focuses primarily on marketing individual residencies. One of the reasons Ms. Applegate is so effective is because she understands that

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When Barbara J. Janson first saw the impact educational policy could have on a country and its workforce, she knew she had to get involved. She initially started her career as a mathematics teacher at public high schools in Avon, Farmington, and Bloomfield, Connecticut, and then at Ulster Academy and Ulster County Community College in New York. In 1974, however, she decided to move more behind the scenes and joined the Houghton Mifflin Company (now Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) as a mathematics editor. She really enjoyed the work, and advanced rapidly through the field. She became the assistant editorial director of the American Mathematical Society in 1978, and by 1982, she was the director of publishing. The role included maintaining a

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Looking to gain a better understanding of the world and its people, Valene Lucy Smith has dedicated her life to anthropology, geography, and tourism. She has loved traveling since childhood, and has been to almost every country in the world. These experiences taught her that there is more to her field than people understand and led her to teaching travel geography and tourism. This is also what separates Dr. Smith from her peers; while many other anthropologists are caught up in human behavior, she looks at human behavior as a response to different environments, land areas, and uses. Over the years, she has published her findings in books like “Hosts and Guests Revisited” and “Tourism Alternatives: Potentials and Problems in

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Nursing has been Andrea W. Hunt’s life for as long as she can remember. She loves spending time with patients; beyond taking care of all of their needs, she makes an effort to talk with them about their families and interests. She’s learned a lot from them over the years, and has heard many fascinating stories. To Mrs. Hunt, getting to see these people get better after being at their worst is the best part of her job. She attributes her success to her ability to empathize rather than sympathize. Mrs. Hunt prepared for her endeavors by completing coursework at Marshall University and by earning a paralegal certificate from the State University of New York and a diploma from the

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When Janice Edith Jones Monk was younger, her father taught her the value of having wide global interests. She loved learning, so she thought the education scholarship program offered in the Australian state of New South Wales would be a perfect fit: the government would pay for her academic endeavors as long as she became a public school teacher. Another requirement was that she had to take four subjects that could be combined with teaching. Psychology was mandatory, and English and history were easy fill-ins. Dr. Jones Monk selected geography as her fourth on a whim. Little did she know, however, that this decision would set the course for the rest of her career. The geography program at the University

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To Naomi Wilkinson, real estate is about more than just buying and selling houses; it’s about building relationships and making dreams come true. She and her husband, Matt, operate as a team through RE/MAX Unlimited, and specialize in residential buyers and sellers. They are known throughout the industry for their personal touch, effective communication, and outside-the-box ideas, and are appreciated by clients for their ability to make stressful situations easier to manage. Notably, they have earned the 5-Star Customer Service Award every year since 2012. Ms. Wilkinson was first introduced to real estate by her husband, who started in the industry shortly after they got married. He convinced her to join him, and the rest is history. Ms. Wilkinson prepared

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An audiologist for more than a decade, Louise Loiselle is thriving as a senior clinical account manager at MED-EL. She started with the company, which offers cochlear implants, middle-ear implants, and non-surgical bone conduction implants, in 2006, and knows she is where she’s meant to be. Over the years, her responsibilities have come to include providing clinical and patient support and training audiologists on the software. Dr. Loiselle’s favorite part of the job is attending implant activations; she loves seeing the joy on people’s faces and knowing that she contributed to it. Although she is at an age where she could retire, she is enjoying her career too much to do so just yet. Prior to current endeavors, Dr. Loiselle

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Passionate and driven, Ellen Stoesser Byrd spent nearly five decades as a nurse before retiring in 2013. Her journey began at Baylor University, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in nursing in 1964. That year, she also became a registered nurse in the state of Texas and started her first job, nurse at Parkland Hospital in Dallas. She moved to the Baylor University Medical Center as a gynecological nurse a year later, after which she garnered experience in positions like charge nurse in medicine and surgery at Collin Memorial Hospital, nurse in the Newborn Nursery at St. Paul Hospital, private duty nurse in District 4 of the Texas Nurse Association, school nurse at the Dallas Independent School District, and

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Roslyn Blyn-LaDrew strongly believes that the more languages a person knows, the better they understand other people and cultures. She experienced this first hand as a child, when she lived in India for a year and was first introduced to Hindi. Knowing the language really helped her feel connected; she knew she had to pursue it further. Then, when Dr. Blyn-LaDrew was a bit older, Irish folktales and Irish music caught her eye. She was intrigued by the sense of magic and supernatural in the stories. Dr. Blyn-LaDrew came to realize that not everyone in Ireland speaks Irish, however, and that an understanding of the original language was necessary to really get the material. She began studying Celtic languages at

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