Listee Features — September 2018


Passionate and hardworking, Jacqueline Ruth Johnson has dedicated her life to bettering the lives of others. She started her career as a staff nurse at Beth Israel Medical Center in 1970, and quickly garnered a reputation for excellence, particularly in psychiatry and psychology. This led her to advance rapidly through the institution, moving through roles like charge nurse, assistant head nurse, clinic nurse, alcohol outpatient coordinator, and alcohol rehabilitation nurse. Ms. Johnson then decided to step out on her own, using everything she learned to open a private practice. There, she focused on working with recovering alcoholics and their families. One of the things that enabled her to last for 14 years in this capacity was the fact that she

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Seeing the smiles on the faces of her students drove Mary E. Johnson as she navigated her positions at the Hazelwood School District. She spent her entire career there; from 1971 to 1993, she served as a teacher and from 1989 to 1991, she served as a positive intervention teacher. Ms. Johnson emphasized kindness, energy, and attitude in her classroom, and worked hard to ensure the material was relatable and understandable to everyone. She even created some of her own materials, like the play, “Say No to Drugs,” and the book, “Secret Study Skills for Third Graders.” Ms. Johnson wanted to be someone the children could come to and trust. She retired in 1993. Ms. Johnson prepared for her endeavors

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Growing up, Edith White always loved going to school. She was taught the value of education at an early age; her father was the superintendent of a high school in Mississippi, and he always had other teachers over the house. She wanted to contribute to that community, so she studied at Perkinston Junior College in 1968 and earned a Bachelor of Science from the University of Southern Mississippi in 1970. During her studies, Ms. White was required to accrue hands-on experience as a student teacher. She was placed with a woman who quit before the end of the year, so Ms. White was asked to take over the class. She accepted the proposition, her first job in the field, and

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When Dr. Beverly Jewell Sutton was in grade school, she already knew she wanted to be a child psychiatrist. She was fascinated by what children do and why they do it, so her family doctor encouraged her to pursue it in a professional setting. Intrigued by his suggestion, Dr. Sutton proceeded to earn an Associate of Science from Grand Rapids Junior College (now Grand Rapids Community College) in 1952 and an MD from the University of Michigan Medical School in 1957. She found she really enjoyed her studies, and knew she was in the right field. The next step for Dr. Sutton was garnering hands-on experience. She started as a rotating intern at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in 1958, and

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Born in Japan despite being a descendent of the Korean ruling family, Joy Powell Gebhard witnessed a lot of brutality as a child. She vowed then to fight for world peace for the rest of her life, and she has held fast to her goals. Ms. Powell Gebhard founded Healing Inc. in 1997 to help humanitarian and education needs. She remains involved in the organization, which mainly focuses on children from North Korea, to this day. Other notable achievements include founding the Meadow Peace Park, co-founding the Washington Korean Writers Association, and serving as the president of Washington Jeonju Lee Chosun Dynasty Royal Family Association. Outside of her organizations, Ms. Powell Gebhard found that another way to achieve her goals

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Motivated by her desire to help people discover answers to aid their suffering, Emily Elizabeth Young has dreamed of being a missionary since she was a little girl. She began to serve in new churches at the age of 17, and worked with international students from two college campuses. Then, at the age of 19, Dr. Young was called upon to represent her church on the Glorieta Baptist Assembly staff in New Mexico as a delegate from her state of Idaho. She loved her time there; she organized a library from a speaking tour in churches, served as the Women’s Missionary Union director and the Christian Education Training Union director, conducted interviews, edited the church newsletters, trained singers for their

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A product of military life, Janet Mae Micklos grew up constantly on the move. The flexibility she experienced as a child eventually translated to her professional career. Over the years, Ms. Micklos has held a wide variety of positions, though all were geared toward helping others. She began as a physical education instructor at Terrell Wells Middle School in Texas in 1969, and then became a dental assistant at a private practice in Oklahoma in 1970. From there, Ms. Micklos served in roles like physical fitness instructor at Victor Valley Community College, director of the physical department at the Victor Valley YMCA, application processor for the state of Delaware, clerk and typist to the adjunct general of the Joint United

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Backed by expertise in communications and management, Mary Devon O’Brien is thriving as the commissioner of the Essex County Tax Board and as the president of Anamex, Inc. She started the former position in 2008 and the latter in 1995, and really loves her work. Ms. O’Brien appreciates that both draw heavily on her past experiences. In tax hearing appeal cases, she has to follow the law, be fair to everyone, and try to ensure that no one suffers. In the service organization, the highlight of her work is with the eyeglass recycling program. At the beginning of her career, Ms. O’Brien served the Defense Communications Division ITT as a program administrator, a manpower controller, a manager of cost and

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Inspired by the wonderful teachers she had growing up, Janet E. Olson-West set out to make her own mark in academia. She started by earning a Bachelor of Education from Central Missouri State University in 1973, after which she became an elementary school teacher at Lakeland R-3 School. Mrs. Olson-West then took her talents to Kingsville R-1 School, where she served as an elementary school teacher from 1977 to 2005 and as an elementary communication arts teacher from 2005 to 2009. She really enjoyed her career, and loves when former students reach out. Seeing how they have developed and grown is really fulfilling. Outside of the classroom, Mrs. Olson-West held a variety of leadership positions with prominent professional organizations. She

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Outraged by the lack of empathy and care in the education of bilingual children, Linda B. Lewis White decided to take matters into her own hands. She became a certified bilingual and elementary teacher in the state of Texas with a Bachelor of Arts in home economics and a Master of Arts in social sciences from California State University, and jumped right into the field. Dr. Lewis White proceeded to serve as a bilingual teacher in the Arlington School District from 1977 to 1996 and then as a professor of reading at Eastern Michigan University. She continues to work in the latter to this day. Her responsibilities include teaching undergraduate students to become educators and teaching graduate students seeking a

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