Listee Features — October 2018


Renowned amongst her students for her nurturing nature, Bette S. Nelson worked hard to balance her roles as a coach, friend, and disciplinarian. She wanted to be whatever the students needed her to be and was determined to help them succeed. Ms. Nelson’s journey into academia began in childhood. She was born into a military family, which meant she was on the move constantly. She attended 16 different schools, and saw the effect both good and bad teachers could have firsthand. This inspired her to want to join the field herself and make a positive difference in the world. With her mind made up, Ms. Nelson set out to make her dreams a reality. She started by earning a Bachelor

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Growing up, Renee Gucciardo always wanted to be a lawyer like her grandfather. She found the idea of helping people to be very fulfilling, and was awed by the impact her grandfather had on the others. There was no question in her mind that this was what she was meant to do. Ms. Gucciardo decided to pursue her passion at Michigan State University and at the Thomas M. Cooley School of Law, which propelled her to her first role, intern at the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office, in 1991. She quickly garnered a reputation for her compassion and zeal, and was promoted to assistant prosecuting attorney at the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office in 1993. Ms. Gucciardo spent five years in the

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Passionate about both books and people, Lois C. Olsrud always felt at home in the library. She liked digging up answers and growing her knowledge, and felt driven to help others. Ms. Olsrud felt the best way to combine the two was by becoming a librarian and working in schools. Once she earned a Master of Arts in library science from Indiana University in 1966, she joined the University of Arizona as a humanities librarian and the rest was history. Ms. Olsrud really enjoyed her work, so much so that she remained with the institution until her retirement in 1996. Some of the other capacities she served in there were central reference librarian and fine arts librarian. One of the

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A Christian science practitioner, Prudence Anderson has dedicated her career to helping others see the power of God in life. She has believed in her mission for as long as she can remember; she knew it was what she was meant to do. The first stop on her journey was Principia College in Elsah, Illinois, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in 1965. Ms. Anderson then used the knowledge she accrued to obtain positions like international negotiator at the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration in Washington and member and speaker of the Association of Pupils of Herbert E. Rieke, CSB. To this day, she continues to make strides as a Christian science practitioner in Washington. Ms. Anderson loves inspiring

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With a wide variety of interests, Barbara L. Hughes wore a lot of hats over the course of her career. She started as a chemist with the Pillsbury Co., but switched a year later to become an editor and reporter for the Sun Newspaper in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Six years after that, Ms. Hughes joined the American Lung Association of Hennepin County, where she quickly began making strides as the director of the environmental program. Her efforts eventually led her to be transferred to the American Lung Association of Ramsey County as the executive director and to the American Lung Association of Minnesota as the associate managing director. She retired in 1997. Ms. Hughes prepared for her endeavors by earning a

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Hardworking and passionate, Margaret Evans wore a variety of hats over the course of her career. She started as a systems engineer with IBM Corp., and then became a systems supervisor at the U.S. Naval Academy and the marketing director of Fawcett Publications. From there, Ms. Evans rose to vice president and client service director of Neodata Services and director of marketing and sales at Palm Coast Florida Data Ltd. She retired from the latter role in 2003. Ms. Evans prepared for her endeavors by earning a Bachelor of Arts from Tulane University in 1960. She then obtained leadership positions with prominent organizations in her community, which helped her remain up to date with industry developments. Over the years, she

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Although Alice A. Baker Dailey started her career as a music and piano teacher in Texas, she ultimately decided to pursue her true passion: physical fitness. She got hooked on the subject when, as a dancer, she noticed people having health problems. Ms. Dailey started investigating, and quickly became fascinated by physiology and osteopathology. She used what she learned to open Alice Ann Baker Exercise: Therapeutic Conditioning in 1980 and to join Texas Instruments in 1984 and HealthCheck and International Athletic Club as an exercise physiologist in 1985. She then took her expertise to employers like the Region 10 Education Service Center, the Verandah Club, Goodbody’s, and the Crescent Spa. Her final role before retiring in 2010 was owner and

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Known for her integrity, trustworthiness, and competency, Anne Culton Ruzicka is thriving as a certified professional accountant (CPA). She started her career as the audit manager for Arthur Young & Co., after which she decided to step out on her own and found Ruzicka & Associates. Over the next four decades, Ms. Ruzicka served the company as a partner and vice president. She left in 2014, however, to pursue a position as the director of Kessler Orleans Silver, Ltd, PC. Today, Ms. Ruzicka is lending her services to Wipfli, LLP and Cetera Financial Servers and Predecessor Firms. She is the director of the former and a registered investment advisor for the latter. Her expertise lies in auditing and accounting for

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Josephine Johnson


For more than three decades, Josephine Powell Johnson dedicated herself to advancing at the Carolina Power & Light Co. She joined the utility company in 1961, and steadily worked her way from administrative assistant to the first female district manager. Ms. Johnson is proud to have been able to pave the way for other females in the industry. Although she loved her job, she decided to retire in 1997. She attributes her longevity and success to her determination; she put her whole self into everything she did. She also credits mentors like Herman Perry, Harry Oberbee, and Burt Grant. Part of Ms. Johnson’s job at the Carolina Power & Light Co. was community outreach. She met the requirement through positions

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Backed by expertise in technical illustration and management, Margaret Scott thrived as an aerospace company executive. She started at the very bottom of the chain, but she loved aviation and knew she had something to give. Over the next 47 years, Ms. Scott steadily worked her way to the top. She garnered a reputation for her tenacity and skill, which propelled her to roles like flight test analyst at North American Aviation, graphics artist at North America Rockwell, illustrations project coordinator at Rockwell International, and head of the Graphics Art Department in the Los Angeles Subdivision of El Segundo. Her final position before retiring in 1990 was project manager at the L.A. Basin Data Services Center of Rockwell International. Ms.

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