Listee Features — October 18, 2018


Encouraged to pursue sociology, Carolyn Perrucci quickly found the field to be the perfect fit. It combined her passion for helping people with her interest in human relationships and cultures, and allowed her to be part of the fight to lessen inequality in the world. She started by earning a Bachelor of Science at Middle Tennessee University, after which she was offered a 3-year fellowship at Purdue University. Dr. Perrucci proceeded to obtain a Master of Science and a PhD from the school, where she really found a home. She was asked to stay and join the staff when she graduated, and has been there ever since. During her time at Purdue University, Dr. Perrucci has served as an assistant

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Always interested in being in business for herself, Pamela J. Kruse is thrilled with the continued success of Village Bike Shops. She got into the niche because of her husband, who owned a couple of bike shops in town. When they married, they formed a partnership that brought her into the fold. Now, each of them runs and manages a couple of the stores under their umbrella. Ms. Kruse loves the excitement people have when they come in; physical fitness has always been a big part of her life and seeing that same passion reflected in others makes her happy. Looking to the future, she hopes to be remembered for her honesty and for putting her clients first. Prior to

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Coming from a family of attorneys, Mary Vail developed an interest in politics and public service at a young age. She didn’t want to pursue law for personal gain, however; she wanted to use it toward charitable or governmental service to help her community. To make her goals a reality, Ms. Vail obtained a Bachelor of Arts in political science from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 1971 and a JD from the University of the Pacific in 1974. That year, she also became admitted to practice in the state of California. With the conclusion of Ms. Vail’s academic journey came the start of her professional one. She joined Volunteers in Service to American Attorneys and the San Francisco

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Focused on ensuring inclusive environments for minorities, Sheila D. Ards is an expert at developing communities. She began her journey at the University of Texas at Austin as an accounting major, but discovered a passion for public policy during a summer program at Carnegie Mellon University. The institution offered her a full ride to earn a PhD from the School of Urban and Public Affairs, which she did in 1990. Her dissertation was on child abuse and neglect. She also wrote a major paper that looked at poor communities and ways to rebuild them. ​ Dr. Ards’ first professional position was with the University of Maryland, where she taught in the School of Urban and Public Affairs. She then joined

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