Listee Features — October 22, 2018

Josephine Johnson


For more than three decades, Josephine Powell Johnson dedicated herself to advancing at the Carolina Power & Light Co. She joined the utility company in 1961, and steadily worked her way from administrative assistant to the first female district manager. Ms. Johnson is proud to have been able to pave the way for other females in the industry. Although she loved her job, she decided to retire in 1997. She attributes her longevity and success to her determination; she put her whole self into everything she did. She also credits mentors like Herman Perry, Harry Oberbee, and Burt Grant. Part of Ms. Johnson’s job at the Carolina Power & Light Co. was community outreach. She met the requirement through positions

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Backed by expertise in technical illustration and management, Margaret Scott thrived as an aerospace company executive. She started at the very bottom of the chain, but she loved aviation and knew she had something to give. Over the next 47 years, Ms. Scott steadily worked her way to the top. She garnered a reputation for her tenacity and skill, which propelled her to roles like flight test analyst at North American Aviation, graphics artist at North America Rockwell, illustrations project coordinator at Rockwell International, and head of the Graphics Art Department in the Los Angeles Subdivision of El Segundo. Her final position before retiring in 1990 was project manager at the L.A. Basin Data Services Center of Rockwell International. Ms.

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A pharmaceutical pioneer, Ilse Piippo is renowned for her expertise in drug and molecule development. She has experience with every step of the process, from the beginning to market distribution, and she understands what should and should not be done in terms of regulatory requirements. This made her an invaluable addition to any team, spurring her growth through the industry. Over the years, Dr. Piippo rose from positions like project manager at Orion Yhtyma Oy to head of analytical and pharmaceutical development and head of regulatory affairs, quality assurance, and pharmacovigilance at Orion Yhtyma Oy, vice president of regulatory affairs at BioTie Therapies Ltd, and vice president of vaccine safety and clinical development at FIT Biotech. She then became the

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Inspired to become a nurse by her great-aunt, Mary O’Leary set out to make her own mark on the industry. She started by becoming a staff nurse in the department of psychiatry at Presbyterian-St. Luke’s Hospital in 1963, and was promoted to coordinator of in-patient child psychiatry a year later. Ms. O’Leary’s passion and drive caught the attention of her superiors and colleagues, which spurred her rapid advancement through the industry. Over the next few decades, she thrived in roles like assistant head nurse at the Veterans Research Hospital, instructor in the Cooperative Health Occupations Assistants Program of the Chicago Board of Education, director of nursing education, evaluation, and research at the Michael Reese Hospital and Medical Center, director of

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