Listee Features — December 5, 2018


Skilled at math for as long as she can remember, Janice Schlieker is a natural at accounting. She has been taking care of the books from her first job as a cashier at a movie theater while she was in high school, and is currently parlaying her expertise into her roles as an accountant at Timberline Church, an office manager at Energy Solutions, Blessing Ranch, and Poudre Aviation, a bookkeeper at Jim & Dave’s Appliance, and a consultant at Longaberger Basket Co. Her day-to-day responsibilities include overseeing every financial aspect of the various organizations, ensuring everything runs smoothly from a monetary standpoint, and handling reconciliations. Ms. Schlieker’s passion outside of numbers is religion. One of the highlights of her journey

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Able to interact with anyone in a positive manner, Patricia Joyce Gray excelled as a legal association administrator. She came from a family who didn’t believe women should go to college, so she ventured into the workforce right out of high school. Ms. Gray did so well as a receptionist and clerk at Nationwide Finance that she caught the attention of her peers and higher-ups. The person who had formerly held her position, Loraine Dewart, was looking for someone to go into court with a judge and take shorthand notes. Ms. Gray was hired, and the rest is history. She began to learn more and more of the inner workings of the courtroom, enough so that she started moving up

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