Listee Features — January 2019


A service-driven professional, Katherine Jean Hubbell Domning spent the majority of her career with nonprofit organizations. She started out as an information system engineer at the Mitre Corporation and a design engineer at General Electric, but transferred to the American Red Cross National Headquarters after five years. It was at the American Red Cross that Ms. Hubbell Domning discovered her passion for budgeting work; she had a gift for looking at a budget and figuring out the numbers and the plan behind it. She eventually left to join the Dominion Group as a marketing consultant and the National Foundation of Women Business Owners on a part-time basis. She retired in 2002 so that she could focus entirely on volunteer activities.

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Hardworking and motivated, Margaret “Betty” E. Turner dedicated herself to professional growth. She started out as a secretary at the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and ended up becoming the first female grain inspector and the first female licensed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Ms. Turner’s expertise in export grain inspection, operations management, and state to federal regulatory compliance helped her thrive as an office manager with the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Some of her responsibilities with the government agency included managing office operations and budgeting. Ms. Turner was also responsible for helping to promote the agency’s mission of supporting economic growth and development in Virginian agriculture and encouraging environmental stewardship and consumer protection.

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Bright, funny, and helpful, Ann M. Butera is a natural leader. She founded the Whole Person Project, Inc.,  in 1984, and uses her expertise in creating and managing organizational transformation to enable her clients to achieve their goals.  One of the things that sets her company apart is its highly-tailored approach to developing solutions that incorporate the client company’s existing tools, template, and organizational culture. This makes change easier to introduce and sustain. In 1993, she shifted the focus of her practice to concentrate on internal audit and risk management. To expand her market reach, she authored, “Mastering the Five Tiers of Audit Competency: The Essence of Effective Auditing,” in 2016. Ms. Butera garnered experience as a management consultant at

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The only thing Paulyn M. Cox has ever wanted to be is a teacher. She was raised by a family that really valued education, and she knew she wanted to contribute to the field. The idea was solidified when she went to visit her cousin in Ohio and got the opportunity to help out in her classroom. From that point forward, Ms. Cox dedicated herself to pursuing her goal. She earned an Associate of Applied Science from the State University of New York in 1953 and a Bachelor of Arts from Ithaca College in 1958, and became certified as a teacher in the state of New York. Then, degrees in hand, she set out into the field. Ms. Cox’s early

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Coming from a family of lawyers, Sheila Hermes Marshall was exposed to the intricacies of the field at a very young age. She always found it fascinating, so she got a job as a secretary in a law firm. Ms. Marshall eventually realized she wanted more, however; she didn’t just want to assist lawyers, she wanted to be one. Although women didn’t frequently break that barrier at the time, she knew she had to try. Ms. Marshall proceeded to obtain a Bachelor of Arts from Saint John’s University in 1959 and an LLB from New York University in 1963. She was also admitted to practice before the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, the United

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Always interested in how things worked and how things came to be, Frances Provencher-Kambour built an illustrious career in strategic planning. She spent the first year after high school as a clerk typist and editorial assistant at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, where her father worked. Upon returning to the U.S., she was able to take the experience she garnered and use it to grow. Ms. Provencher-Kambour served in positions like associate editor at Durham Advertiser and Kaman Aerospace Corp, publications editor for The Hartford Insurance Group, public relations consultant at Fran Ryder Associates, public relations account executive at Shailer Davidoff Rogers, Inc., and senior account executive at Creamer Dickson Basford, Inc., over the years. She was also an account

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Inspired by her grandmother, an educator, Mary Beth Robinson firmly believes that there is no student that can’t be helped. She had wonderful teachers and role models growing up, and they proved that the right kind of encouragement can get students to do anything they set their minds to. Dr. Robinson wanted to be the one to provide that support to the younger generations, so she made it her mission to become the teacher that students could go to for a kind word or a push in the right direction. Dr. Robinson’s first job in the field was secondary teacher at the Berkeley Unified School District, followed by teaching evaluator at the School of Veterinary Medicine at The Ohio State

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Passionate and hardworking, Diana “Diane” L. Dunbar has worn many hats over the course of her career. She started her teaching career when she taught elementary education for half a year with her father in 1964 after the Troy, Alabama, public schools were closed when Kennedy died in the fall of 1963. In 1979, she was a student teacher and then a substitute teacher in English for a school in Charleston, South Carolina. For more than a decade after that, she served New York City Public Schools—P.S. 106 first, then P.S. 94, and then P.S. 401 Hospital Schools. Ms. Dunbar’s other academic engagements included videoconferencing consultant with Eric Miller between the University of Pennsylvania and India, teacher and video consultant

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Every day, Kim Trainor Davis strives to live by her motto, “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” That’s why she chose a career in writing and communications. She has harbored a passion for the field since the sixth grade and, in her eyes, becoming a journalist would grant her the opportunity to get paid to learn. Ms. Trainor Davis proceeded to earn a Bachelor of Arts in journalism at Texas Tech University in 1988. She spent the next five years building her rapport and garnering experience in the industry. Eventually, however, Ms. Trainor Davis decided to take a leap of faith and start her own communications firm. Nomiss Communication was

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Highly-regarded as an executive in the field of engineering, statistical, and process improvement methodologies, Dr. Susan Schall is celebrating more than two decades of professional excellence. Although she considered becoming a lawyer in high school, she realized pre-law programs didn’t require the math and science she loved, so she turned toward engineering. A light bulb went off when she discovered industrial engineering, and she knew at once that it was going to be her career. Set on her path, Dr. Schall earned a Bachelor of Science in mathematics from the State University of New York in 1981. She then received both a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts in industrial engineering from Pennsylvania State University and followed that

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