Listee Features — January 4, 2019


The daughter of a well-known musician, Suzanne Lake felt compelled to follow in her father’s footsteps. She was surrounded by musically talented people her entire childhood, and was thus encouraged to sing and play the piano as soon as she was able. Ms. Lake never considered another career; she knew she was meant to be a musician when she was 6 years old. She worked hard to achieve her goal, studying under some of the best teachers in New York. Notably, when she was just 14, she began taking lessons with Queena Mario, a metropolitan opera singer who said Ms. Lake was the youngest student she had ever accepted. She furthered her academic endeavors with classes with private teachers at

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A real people person, Julieanne Kohn has excelled as a travel advisor. She loves both traveling and sharing her experiences with others, so the field seemed to be the perfect fit. Ms. Kohn worked hard to achieve her goal, and was thrilled to land a position as a travel agent with American Express Co. in 1970. Her expertise quickly caught the attention of her peers and clients. They liked that she was well-traveled enough to offer suggestions based on places she has visited; that personal touch really made a big difference. Some of Ms. Kohn’s clients even came with her as she advanced through the industry. Her roles after she left American Express Co. included travel agent with Thomas Cook

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Susan Kelley


Growing up, Susan R. Kelley always enjoyed science classes. She began to hone in on chemistry in high school, but didn’t have much of a desire to complete labs and lab reports. When a family friend mentioned that engineering was a real-world application of science, she was intrigued. Ms. Kelley proceeded to apply to the Georgia Institute of Technology as a chemical engineering student, and ended up earning a Bachelor of Science in the subject in 1992. While she was there, she worked as a co-op student at Hoechst Celanese in Spartanburg, S.C. The Polymer QA department gave her a chance to gather real world experience, which she highly valued. She also worked 20 hours per week on campus at

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Steadfast in her belief in the importance of getting students started on the right foot, Constance Bivens has dedicated her career to teaching young children. She has found that kids’ relationships with school are formed early on, and that kids recognize and appreciate being in classrooms filled with love and respect. This is why she decided to focus on childhood education. Dr. Bivens personally really enjoyed school growing up; she always felt at home in the classroom and quickly learned to value hard work and the pursuit of knowledge. In her eyes, being able to pass on that passion was a blessing. To prepare for her journey, Dr. Bivens earned a Bachelor of Science from Vanderbilt University’s George Peabody College 

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