Listee Features — March 2019

Sara Myers


Although Sara Alice Myers initially began her career in teaching, as was expected of the women in the era she grew up in, her real passion lay in politics. She slowly began to branch out according to her own interests, and when she was drafted by her neighbors to run for City Council, she was thrilled. Ms. Myers won the race, thus beginning a long career in government. During Ms. Myers’ time in local politics, she was heavily involved with the passing of environmental ordinances on open spaces and trails. This was very important to her and the community because of the rush of urban development. Another cause important to her was education; she was especially in tune with the

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Driven by the belief that positive discipline is the best way to aid child development, Catherine Gruener continues to thrive at the head of Gruener Consulting and Counseling and its subsidiary, Encouragement Parenting. The former offers counseling for people of all ages, and the latter focuses on helping parents improve their relationships with their kids. Other services include individual counseling and assessments, case management, couples counseling, and assistance for parents with gifted children, special needs children, and children with behavioral issues. Ms. Gruener’s interest in the niche stems from her psychosocial-based scientific research and her eight-year involvement with the Adler School of Professional Psychology. Her desire to implement the knowledge she acquired led her to open her businesses. The main

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A Latin teacher for more than three decades, Joy K. King’s fascination with the language began in high school. Her mother signed her up for a college preparation program that required four years of Latin, and Dr. King ended up loving it. She even participated in a statewide Latin contest through which the top two senior students were awarded scholarships to colleges in Illinois. Dr. King ranked in the top two her sophomore and junior years of high school, but World War II halted the contest her senior year. She managed to persuade the donors to grant her a scholarship to Knox College anyway, and after adding three years of Greek to her repertoire, her good marks ensured it was

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From the time she was young, Lois A. Height Allen dreamed of using her passion for music and education to make a difference. She was raised in a family that stressed the importance of helping others, and she was determined to follow in their footsteps. To help her achieve her goals, Ms. Allen earned a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Arts from Ohio State University in 1954 and 1958, respectively. She then joined prominent organizations like the American Guild of Organists, the Choristers Guild of America, and the Federation of American Baptist Musicians to help her keep on top of developments in the field. Over the years, Ms. Allen garnered a reputation for excellence amongst her peers. She

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Passionate and hardworking, Edith Lederer fell in love with journalism in high school. She was the news editor of her high school paper, and she realized that reporting would allow her to explore her many interests. Ms. Lederer had always been a good student, but she hadn’t found her niche until that moment. She liked having the opportunity to research issues she cared about and share her findings with others. Ms. Lederer pursued this path, and ended up earning a Bachelor of Science with distinction from Cornell University in 1963 and a Master of Arts from Stanford University in 1964. That same year, she obtained her first position in the field with the Scientific Service in Washington, DC, and the

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