Listee Features — May 22, 2019


Proud to work for a company she admired, Janet Holtzman Beattie spent almost three decades with Touche & Ross & Co. and its later mergers before retiring in 1991. She started out as a corporate secretary with Touche & Ross & Co., after which she was promoted to administrative director. Ms. Beattie became the director of communications when the accounting company became Touche Ross International, and returned to the role of administrative director when they became Deloitte & Touche. During her time there, she also served as the editor of the Touche Ross International World View. The highlight of her career, however, was mentoring two other women in the field. Ms. Beattie prepared for her endeavors by earning an Associate

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Serena Ray Pearce


An expert in choral music, Serena Ray Pearce can trace her love for the field back to her father, a church singer. The director of her father’s choir recognized Ms. Pearce’s talent when she was very young, and she worked hard to foster that and improve. She joined a middle school group composed of excellent singers and musicians, who helped her develop a deeper understanding for the pieces she performed. After this, she transferred to a high school known for their choral music program. Ms. Pearce went on to earn a Bachelor of Music from the University of North Carolina in 1973 and a Master of Music from Meredith College in 1987. She also became a licensed music teacher for

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Miriam Iben


Motivated by the knowledge that not all children have equal academic opportunities, Miriam Genevieve Fett Iben dedicated her career to education. She wanted to help young students and their parents connect with resources that could help them further their success in school and in life. Dr. Iben also understood that children had to be stimulated to want to learn for her teachings to be effective; just pressuring them to do well wasn’t going to yield results. With those ideals in mind, Dr. Iben set out into the field. She started as a teacher in public schools in Lincoln, Massachusetts, and Champaign, Illinois, after which she became a secretary and adjunct professor at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, a research associate

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