Listee Features — May 27, 2019

Alyce Nielson


Beginning her career as a lecturer, Alyce Mae Nielson had always enjoyed sharing and helping others. In addition to lecturing, she served as a trainee, group leader, and center manager for several Weight Watchers locations in the New York metropolitan area from 1979 to 1997, including those in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Staten Island. She kick-started her career as the school lunch manager at Brooklyn Public School #61 in 1963, remaining in this position for one year before becoming a clerk in the Stock and Bond Dividend Department of First National City Bank in New York from 1966 to 1969. In her most recent role, Ms. Nielson made a point to keep her centers well-supplied and was excited by the opportunity

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Born in Shanghai of American parents, Marvine Henrietta Howe had desired to return to her home country from a young age. Having traveled between the United States and Europe since the age of six, she ultimately realized she could return to China through a career in journalism. She did get back to China in the late 1980s, reporting to The New York Times on a visit by the Chinese-American deputy police commissioner and his family. A freelance writer since retiring from The New York Times in 1995, she began her professional career as a news broadcaster at Radio Maroc in Rabat, Morocco, in 1951, remaining in this position for four years while also contributing to the British Broadcasting Corp. between

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Born and raised in Chicago, Sen. Emilie F. Miller found politics to be like a sport. She first became interested in her field because of her uncles, who ran a barbershop that politicians frequented. They would always talk about the political climate in the city and the different policies they were or wanted to enact. Ms. Miller was also inspired by her neighbor, who had a polling station in her basement, and by the representatives who stood outside to greet voters. She began to think about all the good she could do with a little bit of power. Instead of going straight into politics, however, Ms. Miller decided to first focus on her interest in business. She thus obtained a

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Motivated by innate curiosity, Audrey Jane Wolfinger has always loved reading. Her father always loved reading and learning new things, and she picked up the practice very early on. Having all that information at her fingertips fascinated her. Ms. Wolfinger also enjoyed sharing what she learned and working with children. She started out as the librarian and audio-visual coordinator at Neshaminy Junior High in 1955, and transferred to become a librarian at Neshaminy High School in 1976. She retired from the role in 1984. One of the highlights of Ms. Wolfinger’s journey was setting up four libraries for the Neshaminy School District. When she began her career, smaller school districts were in the process of being consolidated into a bigger

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Although Alice G. Moore Pouncey was always attracted to the idea of pursuing education professionally, it wasn’t until high school that she was introduced to home economics. Her teacher encouraged her to pursue the field further, and the idea stuck in her mind. When the opportunity to enter the field arose a few years later, Ms. Pouncey jumped at the opportunity. She had been teaching psychology, but then the home economics teacher at the school passed away and Ms. Pouncey was asked to take over. She loved the work, and quickly knew she had made the right decision. Her favorite part of the job was seeing her students achieve their goals and achieve great things. She always strove to make

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Carolyn Zollar


Inspired by a constitutional law course in college, Carolyn C. Zollar has dedicated her career to the field. She started out as an assistant to William Anderson, a congressman in the U.S. House of Representatives, after which she advanced to roles like planning consultant, legal assistant, and government and external relations assistant at the National Institute of Education, and associate at Joe W. Fleming II, Professional Corporation. During this time, Ms. Zollar built a strong reputation for her understanding of lobbying and the U.S. budgeting process. She also used her role to mentor young women coming into the industry. After seven years with Joe W. Fleming II, Ms. Zollar left to focus her legal knowledge on another issue she was

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Joyce Stevos


An educator for nearly five decades, Joyce L. Stevos, PhD, feels she was destined to pursue the field. She always enjoyed studying, particularly history, and she found being in front of students to be relaxing and fun. Her first position in the industry was social studies department head in the Providence Public School District, after which she advanced within the district to roles like teacher, social studies supervisor, and director of program and staff development. Dr. Stevos remains with the school as the director of strategic planning and professional development to this day. She is also an adjunct faculty member at Rhode Island College. Her areas of expertise are cultural diversity, discourse analysis, and youth civic engagement. One of the

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Exercising her expertise in psychology as a school district administrator, Jacqueline Pflughoeft Blackwell has directed the student services section of the San Jose Unified School District since 1994. Knowing she would go into education from a young age, due in part to being raised in a strict family setting, she first joined the school district in 1970 as a teacher, remaining in this position for 13 years. She then took on the role as the district’s school psychologist for three years before moving up the ranks to the position of director of special education and psychological schools from 1986 to 1990. Prior to her current post, she held a short tenure as a principal within the district from 1990 to

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