Listee Features — May 29, 2019


Growing up on farmland in Kansas, Dr. Donna R. Vocate attended school in a small schoolhouse and always possessed an ardor for reading. Specifically interested in journalism and investigating word construction, her teacher would bring in whatever books she wanted and that opened her eyes to speech and language. As a full-time educator, she most recently served as a professor at Arkansas Tech University from 1990 until her official retirement in 2003. She began her professional career as an assistant professor at Eastern Montana College in 1980, remaining in this position for three years before transferring to the honors department of the University of Colorado, Boulder (UCB) from 1983 to 1990. She then joined Boston University as a full professor

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Providing housing units to the homeless, Sharron E. Liggins-Rogers, EdD, had the idea that nursing was an honorable profession instilled in her at a young age by her mother, Rubye Mae, and her aunt, Dr. Mary Elizabeth Whitehurst. During that time, options were limited for African American women; she could either be a nurse or an educator. Today, she has been the founder and CEO of her own consulting firm, Liggins and Associates Consultants, which she opened in 1998. In addition to this role, Dr. Liggins-Rogers is the executive director of the Continuum of Care Network, NWI, Inc./Drug Free Gary Coalition, Inc. in Gary, Indiana, since 2003. Through this position, she is responsible for planning, directing, implementing, and facilitating the

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Elizabeth Buchanan


Raised in a family of educators, Dr. Elizabeth S. Buchanan took a trip to Canada at 16 years old that inspired her teach French because the language excited her. Since 1998, she has expressed her passion as an English as a second language (ESL) teacher at Tabernacle Elementary School in Asheboro, North Carolina. Prior to this role, she began her teaching career with Charleston County Schools in South Carolina in 1962, remaining within the district for six years. She then transferred to Wake County Schools in Raleigh, Virginia, from 1968 to 1972 and Fairfax County Schools in Reston, Virginia, from 1978 to 1998 before accepting a job instructing at Randolph Community College in Asheboro from 1999 to 2006. During this

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Janice Dutcher


Inspired by the doctors she met during her residency training, Janice P. Dutcher, MD, became involved in her profession during a time when new advances in medicine were still being discovered. Since 1998, she has served as a professor in medicine at New York Medical College and the co-founder and associate director of the Cancer Research Foundation (CRF), which focuses on rarer “orphan diseases” such as leukemia, lymphoma renal cell cancer and melanoma. The CRF specifically supports research into familial hematologic malignancies and investigates associations between these malignancies and other tumor types. To that end, it continues to support the Familial Hematologic Malignancy Registry, which now has over 700 families enrolled, and continues to seek and document new families and

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Marjorie Lott


Known for thinking outside the box, Marjorie Goldberg Piland Lott has thrived as an accountant. She first became interested in the field in high school, when her mother suggested she try her hand at bookkeeping. Ms. Lott had initially wanted to be an engineer, but girls weren’t allowed in engineering school at the time so this seemed like a good compromise. Even though there weren’t many females in finance either, Ms. Lott’s family wholly supported her. She proceeded to obtain a Bachelor of Business Administration in accounting from the University of Houston in 1977 and become a CPA and certified management accountant in the state of Texas. Degrees in hand, Ms. Lott set out to make her mark on the

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Katy Abraham


Growing up, Katy K. Abraham loved to watch her father at work. He founded Construction Cost Management, Inc. (CCM, Inc.), in 1979, and always demonstrated a passion for construction and customer service. In 2012, Ms. Abraham decided to continue his efforts by buying and growing his business. As a professional estimator, she works with large architecture and engineering firms on projects like building and renovation and handles a lot of the sales and marketing. Ms. Abraham also manages a staff of 15. Notably, at Christmas, each employee gets to choose an organization that means something to them and then the company makes a donation in their honor. To prepare for her endeavors, Ms. Abraham earned a Bachelor of Arts in

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Mary Lou Waitz


Inspired by her high school home economics teacher, Mary Lou Waitz has spent her entire career in the field. The first stop on her journey was Tehachapi Junior High School in California, where she served as a vocational home economics teacher. Ms. Waitz then joined the staff of Frederick Junior High School in Colorado as a vocational home economics teacher and Lyons Middle/Senior High School in Colorado as a home economics teacher. She retired from the latter in 1994. The highlight of Ms. Waitz’s career was being able to teach students practical skills they could use in life. Her goal was to help them become functional, as both students and adults. This helped keep her pupils engaged with the material.

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Kathrine Switzer


When Kathrine Virginia Switzer was 12 years old, her father recommended she run a mile every day to help her make the field hockey team. She found that running gave her strength, stamina and empowerment, so she continued it through high school. Dr. Switzer upped it to three miles a day in college, and eventually, she and one of her field hockey teammates were noticed by the men’s track coach. He asked the pair to join the team, despite the fact that they were women, and this solidified her desire to run competitively. Later on in Dr. Switzer’s collegiate running career, she met Arnie Briggs, a well-known New York marathoner with 15 Boston Marathons under his belt. He was retired

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