Listee Features — June 5, 2019

Joanne Romeo-Schaffer


An expert in many areas of mathematics, Joanne J. Marino Romeo-Schaffer has to be very clear in her description of what she is going to do and why, because there is no sense in teaching anything to students if there is not an everyday principle that they can use it for. That notion goes up to different equations in college. It is also sometimes elementary and seventh through eighth grade mathematics, so it covers the whole broad stream of the subject. Her teaching is clear and has examples on how it can be used in everyday life. Ms. Romeo-Schaffer believes there have been studies done that show a relationship between reading and success in mathematics, including word problems. Ms. Romeo-Schaffer

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Brenda Jones


Confident and knowledgeable, Brenda Gail Jones felt that pursuing education was a natural choice. She grew up with a strong support system that placed an emphasis on learning and development, which led her to join the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls. This organization was transformative for Ms. Jones; it gave her the experience of leadership, organization, working with others, and being a role model. Ms. Jones carried what she learned with her as she pursued her dreams at San Francisco State University. She earned a Bachelor of Arts from the school in 1972 and became a teacher at the Lakeport Unified School District the next year. Ms. Jones loved working with children, but after only nine years in

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